Ya. B. Kalyn

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The content of autoantibodies to β-amyloid protein Aβ1-42, its neurotoxic fragment Aβ25-35, and neurotransmitters were studied in the blood of patients with presenile Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia of the Alzheimer type. Significant differences in the relative content of autoantibodies to Aβ1-42 and autoantibodies to biogenic amines were(More)
We measured serum content of autoantibodies to β-amyloid protein Aβ1-42, its neurotoxic fragment Aβ25-35, vasopressin, bradykinin, thrombin, antithrombin III, α2-macroglobulin, and angiotensin II in patients with various forms of Alzheimer's dementias, including presenile and senile dementias of the Alzheimer type. The ratio of antibradykinin and(More)
Objective. To carry out a comparative assessment of the efficacy and safety of monotherapy with a new-generation antidepressant (venlafaxin, agomelatine, or fluvoxamine) and complex antidepressant therapy using one of these antidepressants in combination with acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC, Carnicetin) for the treatment of depression in elderly patients in a(More)
Objective. To perform a comparative analysis of changes in the functional status of the brain by quantitative electroencephalography (EEG) during combined antidepressant treatment (venlafaxine and Cerebrolysin) and monotherapy (venlafaxine) of elderly patients with depression. Materials and methods. A total of 40 patients aged 60–79 (mean 67.1 ± 5.7) years(More)
The aim of the present work was to assess individual prognoses for Cerebrolysin treatment efficacy in mild cognitive impairment syndrome (MCIS) and to identify the most informative tests for prognosticating the development of dementia. A total of 53 patients with the amnestic type of MCIS were treated with Cerebrolysin for three years with regular(More)
Using clinico-psychopathological, clinico-neuropsychological and computer-aided tomography approaches, material differences were ascertained between groups of patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and senile dementia (SD) in terms of the clinical parameters, including the age at which the disease sets in; the disease standing; the build-up features of the(More)
Studies were performed in three Russian centers (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhnii Novgorod). The cohort consisted of 110 patients whose mental state corresponded to the concept of “mild cognitive impairment” (MCI). Patient status was assessed using widely accepted scales (MMSE, GDS, CDR, etc.) and a battery of neuropsychological tests. ApoE genotypes were(More)
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