Ya A Ivanenkov

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Antibacterial compounds are one of the essential classes of clinically important drugs. High throughput screening allowed revealing potential antibiotics active towards any molecular target in bacterial cell. We used a library of 9820 organic compounds with highly diversified structures to screen for antibacterial activity. As the result of automated(More)
A variety of structurally unrelated organic compounds has been reported to have antibacterial activity. Among these, certain small-molecule translation inhibitors have attracted a great deal of attention, due to their relatively high selectivity against prokaryotes, and an appropriate therapeutic index with minor "off target" effects. However, ribosomes are(More)
Screening for new antibiotics remains an important area of biology and medical science. Indispensable for this type of research is early identification of antibiotic mechanism of action. Preferentially, it should be studied quickly and cost-effectively, on the stage of primary screening. In this review we describe an application of reporter strains for(More)
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