Yaşar Goz

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INTRODUCTION Aeromonas are food- and water-borne bacteria that are considered to be zoonotic human pathogens. This study aimed to investigate the presence of genes associated with virulence in human and animal Aeromonas isolates and the potential role of animal isolates with regards to human Aeromonas infections. METHODOLOGY The presence of aerA, hlyA,(More)
BACKGROUND Ixodid ticks (Acari: İxodidae) and fleas (Siphonaptera) are the major vectors of pathogens threatening animals and human healths. The aim of our study was to detect the infestation rates of East Hedgehogs (Erinaceus concolor) with ticks and fleas in Van Province, eastern region of Turkey. METHODS We examined fleas and ticks infestation patterns(More)
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