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1. Long-term electrical stimulation was given during 4 or 8 wk to the peroneal nerve of deafferented hindlimbs in hemispinalized adult cats. Four different stimulation patterns were compared: 100-Hz bursts covering 5% of daily time (F1), 10-Hz bursts covering 5% of daily time (S1), pattern S1 plus added 100-Hz bursts during 0.5% of daily time (S1F2), and,(More)
1. Long-term electrical stimulation was given to the peroneal nerve of deafferented hindlimbs in hemispinalized adult cats. The amount of stimulation covered 0.5-5.5% of total time per day, different in different animals. For some aspects of the present study, use was also made of cats subjected to "tonic" patterns of chronic stimulation (typically covering(More)
1. Normal and chronically stimulated peroneus longus muscles of the cat's hind limb were studied with respect to fibre size and staining properties for myofibrillar (myosin) adenosine triphosphatase (ATPase) and succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) activity. The intensity of staining for SDH activity was measured by microphotometry from the central portions of the(More)
The cat's m.peroneus longus was analyzed with respect to the somatotopic relation between the rostro-caudal site of emergence of ventral root filaments (i.e. rostro-caudal site of motoneurones) and the intramuscular distribution of innervation. Rostro-caudally distinct fractions of ventral roots were stimulated repetitively in order to deplete their(More)
Intrafusal muscle fibres in adult muscle spindles differ in their myosin composition. After selective motor denervation intrafusal muscle fibres develop mature ultrastructural characteristics. In order to evaluate the role of fusimotor innervation on the maturation of the myosin composition of intrafusal muscle fibres we have examined with(More)
In normal adult cats we measured the density of staining for the activity of succinate dehydrogenase (SDH staining) in ventral horn cells of different sizes. The measurements were restricted to that part of the lumbar ventral horn (L6-L7) which is known to contain motoneurones of the peroneal nerve. A statistically significant tendency was found for the SDH(More)
191 SUMMARY A new ep!muscular method for stimulating single motor units (m.u.'s) in free prepared muscle is described. Unit isolation is stable and can be continued for long periods. The method is compared with an intramuscular stimulation technique and histological evidence is presented to confirm the validity of both techniques. Conventional methods for(More)
This paper describes cytophotometric determinations of cytochrome oxidase (COX) and succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) activities in neurons in 3 areas of the spinal motor column of the teleost fish Brachydanio rerio (the Zebrafish). Purpose of this investigation was to analyse the correlation between the oxidative metabolic capacity of motoneurons with their(More)
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