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Cases of primary spinal epidural Extra-osseous Ewing's sarcoma (EES) are rarely seen and a good prognosis for EES cannot be expected since a high incidence of local recurrence and metastasis frequently occur. We present a case of cervical spinal epidural EES in a 7-year-old girl with long survival after tumour resection. She also received adjuvant treatment(More)
Lymph node status is the most significant prog-nostic factor of colorectal cancer. However, there is a risk of disease understaging if the extent of lymph node assessment is sub-optimal. Preoperative C-reactive protein (CRP) is known to be a useful tool in predicting postoperative outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer. We retrospectively evaluated(More)
Eight healthy human subjects were studied to examine the posterior cricoarytenoid (PCA) muscle activity during respiration. A hypopharyngeal surface electrode was used for posterior cricoarytenoid (PCA) muscle recordings. Mean activation levels were derived from rectified signals (in muV) for quartiles of each respiratory cycle: the first and second halves(More)
A 77-year-old male presented with gradual development of right hemiparesis. Postcontrast computed tomography (CT) revealed enhanced lesions in the left parietal and right paraventricular areas. Stereotactic brain biopsy led to a histological diagnosis of metastatic carcinoma. The lesions were treated by radiosurgery using the Leksell gamma unit. CT showed(More)
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