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Identifying prognostic factors for osteosarcoma (OS) aids in the selection of patients who require more aggressive management. CD133 has been found to be a prognostic factor of certain tumor types. However, the association between CD133 expression and the prognosis of OS remains unknown. In this study, we analyzed the association of CD133 expression in OS(More)
Hydrofluoric etching and anodized hierarchical micro/nanotextured surface titanium implant was placed in mandibles of ovariectomized sheep for 12 weeks, and it showed improved osseointegration by resonance frequency analysis (RFA), microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) evaluation, histomorphometry, and biomechanical test. This study aimed to investigate the(More)
A novel gene induced during hypersensitive reaction (HIR) in wheat was identified using in silico cloning and designated as TaHIR2. The TaHIR2 gene was deduced to encode a 284-amino acid protein, whose molecular mass and isoelectric point (pI) were 31.05 kD and 5.18, respectively. Amino acid sequence analysis demonstrated the presence of stomatins,(More)
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