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Small bowel phytobezoars are rare and almost always obstructive. There have been previously reported cases of phytobezoars in the literature, however there are few reports on radiological findings for small bowel bezoars. Barium studies characteristically show an intraluminal filling defect of variable size that is not fixed to the bowel wall with barium(More)
A rare case of presacral myelolipoma in an otherwise healthy 53 year old man is described. His only complaint was lower abdominal discomfort. Full investigation including computed tomography and angiography revealed a well-delineated, heavily calcified, avascular retrorectal mass adhering to the presacral fascia. Histologically the mass showed a mixture of(More)
A baby boy who had a left facial mass detected on antenatal ultrasound was delivered by Caesarian section after foetal distress was detected. Imaging investigations by plain radiographs and MRI showed a large mass with calcifications, soft tissue, fat and fluid components. A total surgical excision was perfomed and histology examination showed teratoma with(More)
This case describes the radiological-surgical correlation of a rare case of osteosarcoma of the rib in a 15-year-old boy. Successful repair of his chest wall defect using a wire mesh following extensive surgical resection of the tumour is highlighted, such a procedure being the first instituted at our centre.
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