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A class of networked multi-agent systems is studied in this study where each agent has an identical dynamics of a simple integrator and the topology of the connections is fixed. It is proved that, when there are saturation constraints, a general consensus protocol widely used in the literatures for this class of multi-agent systems remains valid. As an(More)
Backup storage systems often remove redundancy across backups via inline deduplication, which works by referring duplicate chunks of the latest backup to those of existing backups. However, inline deduplication degrades restore performance of the latest backup due to fragmentation, and complicates deletion of expired backups due to the sharing of data(More)
A dynamic error-feedback controller is presented for the synchronized output regulation of heterogenous linear networked systems, where only the leader node has the information of the regulated errors while the remaining follower nodes have the information of the relative output errors with respect to their in-neighboring nodes. By using the small-gain(More)
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