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A case study of mobile robot's energy consumption and conservation techniques
Mobile robots are used in many applications, such as carpet cleaning, pickup and delivery, search and rescue, and entertainment. Energy limitation is one of the most important challenges for mobileExpand
On the Placement of Infrastructure Overlay Nodes
It is concluded that a hybrid approach combining greedy and random approaches provides the best tradeoff between computational efficiency and accuracy and a simple unified algorithm is proposed to achieve both reliability and TCP performance. Expand
CycleMeter: Detecting Fraudulent Peers in Internet Cycle Sharing
This work proposes CycleMeter, a tool that allows a remotely executing application to accurately monitor the percentage of CPU resources it is utilizing throughout its execution period, and is highly effective in detecting a spectrum of cycle shortchanging behavior. Expand
Wormhole Detection and Removal Algorithm in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Enhanced Cluster based Technique
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are the collection of mobile devices which communicate through the wireless medium and do not have the central infrastructure. In unsecured MANETs, malicious nodes canExpand