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Synthetic ACTH-Like Peptide GKVLKKRR, Corresponding to the Fragment 81–88 of Human Pro-Interleukin-1α, Acts as an Antagonist of ACTH Receptor
Synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-like octapeptide leukocorticotropin (GKVLKKRR), corresponding to the amino acid sequence 81–88 of pro-interleukin-1α, was labeled with tritium (specificExpand
Blood-brain barrier unlocked
It was shown on the example of dopamine that its introduction into the nasal cavity simultaneously with H2O2 provides for rapid delivery of the drug into the brain and may contribute to the development of a new therapeutic strategy for neurological diseases. Expand
Effect of the B Subunit of the Cholera Toxin on the Raw 264.7 Murine Macrophage-Like Cell Line
The 125I-labeled B-subunit of the cholera toxin ([125I]CT-B with specific activity 98 Ci/mmol) was found to be bonded to the murine macrophage-like cells of the RAW 264.7 line with high affinity (KdExpand
Interaction of Cholera Toxin B Subunit with Rat Intestinal Epithelial Cells
We prepared 125I-labeled cholera toxin B subunit (125I-labeled CT-B, specific activity 98 Ci/mmol) and found that its binding to rat IEC-6 intestinal epithelial cells was high-affinity (Kd 1.9 nM).Expand
Binding of synthetic fragments of β‐endorphin to nonopioid β‐endorphin receptor
The ability to inhibit the [3H]immunorphin specific binding to macrophages was studied and unlabeled fragment 12–19 (TPLVTLFK, the author's name of the peptide octarphin) was found to be the shortest peptide possessing practically the same inhibitory activity as β‐endorphin. Expand
The Binding of Semax, ACTH 4–10 Heptapeptide, to Plasma Membranes of the Rat Forebrain Basal Nuclei and Its Biodegradation
Dipeptidylaminopeptidases are considered to be the main enzymes responsible for Semax biodegradation; they successively cleave Semax to the HFPGP pentapeptide and the PGP tripeptide. Expand
Immunostimulating effect of the synthetic peptide octarphin corresponding to β-endorphin fragment 12–19
Octarphin was shown to stimulate activity of murine immuno-competent cells in vitro and in vivo and enhanced the adhesion and spreading of peritoneal macrophages as well as their ability to digest bacteria of Salmonella typhimurium virulent strain 415 in vitro. Expand
Characteristics of Non-opioid β-Endorphin Receptor
Tritium-labeled selective agonist of non-opioid β-endorphin receptor, the decapeptide immunorphine ([2H]SLTCLVKGFY) with specific activity of 24 Ci/mmol has been prepared. By its use, non-opioidExpand
Detection of nonopioid β‐endorphin receptor in the rat myocardium
Two selective agonists of nonopioid β‐endorphin receptor, synthetic peptides TPLVTLFK (octarphin) and SLTCLVKGFY (immunorphin), were found to bind to high‐affinity naloxone‐insensitive binding sites on the membranes isolated from the rat myocardium. Expand
Binding of synthetic peptide TPLVTLFK to nonopioid beta‐endorphin receptor on rat brain membranes
Octarphin binds with a high affinity and specificity to nonopioid receptor of β‐endorphin on rat brain cortex membranes. Expand