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A blind comparative study of focused wave interactions with a fixed FPSO-like structure (CCP-WSI Blind Test Series 1)
Results from Blind Test Series 1, part of the Collaborative Computational project in Wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI), are presented and there is notable variation in the results, even between similar methods. Expand
Storey stability of unbraced steel frames subjected to non-uniform elevated temperature distribution
Abstract Current studies on stability of steel frames are primarily based on the assumption that steel columns are subjected to uniform elevated temperature. However, the temperature distribution ofExpand
Storey-based Stability Analysis of Unbraced Steel Frames at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
A fundamental task in structural stability analysis is to ensure the safety of structures throughout their operational life so as to prevent catastrophic consequences either at ambient or elevatedExpand
Microstrip reflectarrays: Full-wave analysis and design scheme
An analytical approach and a design scheme based on a highly efficient full-wave analysis technique CG-FFT (conjugate-gradient fast Fourier transform), are presented for accurately analyzing largeExpand
Storey-based stability of unbraced steel frames at elevated temperature
Abstract The evaluation of the lateral stability of steel frames subject to elevated temperatures is different from that at ambient temperature. This is because the degradation of the Young's ModulusExpand
Numerical Analysis of the Interaction Between a Fixed FPSO Benchmark Model and Focused Waves
To study the requested blind test, the in-house two-phase flow solver naoe-FOAM-SJTU is applied to simulate the wave-structure interaction problem between focused waves and the FPSO benchmark model, showing a good correlation when comparing the numerical wave elevation results of focused waves with the corresponding experimental results. Expand
Numerical Study of Focused Waves Acting on a Fixed FPSO-Shaped Body
This paper applies our in-house solver, naoe-FOAM-SJTU to study focused waves acting on a fixed FPSO-shaped body. This benchmark test follows the settings of experiments conducted in the Ocean BasinExpand
Numerical Study on Ship Motion Fully Coupled with LNG Tank Sloshing in CFD Method
In this paper, numerical simulations of ship motion coupled with LNG tank sloshing in waves are considered. The fully coupled problems are performed by our in-house RANS/DES solver, naoe-FOAM-SJTU.Expand