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Neutrophils mediate insulin resistance in high fat diet fed mice via secreted elastase
Chronic low-grade adipose tissue and liver inflammation is a major cause of systemic insulin resistance and is a key component of the low degree of insulin sensitivity that exists in obesity and typeExpand
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Improved limit to the diffuse flux of ultrahigh energy neutrinos from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Neutrinos in the cosmic ray flux with energies near 1 EeV and above are detectable with the Surface Detector array (SD) of the Pierre Auger Observatory. We report here on searches through Auger dataExpand
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Tricin, a Flavonoid Monomer in Monocot Lignification1[OPEN]
Tricin, a flavonoid, is a lignification monomer in grasses where it functions as a nucleation site for lignin polymer formation. Tricin was recently discovered in lignin preparations from wheatExpand
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BEPAS—a life cycle building environmental performance assessment model
Abstract This paper presents a building environmental performance analysis system—BEPAS, which was developed based on the life cycle assessment (LCA) framework. In BEPAS, environmental impacts wereExpand
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Structure-based design of a periplasmic binding protein antagonist that prevents domain closure.
Many receptors undergo ligand-induced conformational changes to initiate signal transduction. Periplasmic binding proteins (PBPs) are bacterial receptors that exhibit dramatic conformational changesExpand
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Prevalence and Determinants of Metabolic Health in Subjects with Obesity in Chinese Population
Background: The study was to investigate the prevalence of metabolic health in subjects with obesity in the Chinese population and to identify the determinants related to metabolic abnormality inExpand
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Measurement of the cosmic ray spectrum above 4×1018 eV using inclined events detected with the Pierre Auger Observatory
A measurement of the cosmic-ray spectrum for energies exceeding 4x10(18) eV is presented, which is based on the analysis of showers with zenith angles greater than 60 degrees detected with the PierreExpand
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Improved ratcheting analysis of piping components
Abstract It is well known that ratcheting (defined as the accumulation of deformation with cycles) can reduce fatigue life or cause failure of piping components or systems subjected to seismic orExpand
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Heparin defends against the toxicity of circulating histones in sepsis.
Although circulating histones were demonstrated as major mediators of death in septic mice models, their roles in septic patients are not clarified. The present study sought to evaluate the clinicalExpand
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The behavior of palladium catalysts in direct formic acid fuel cells
Abstract Previous work has considered the behavior of platinum based catalysts in direct methanol and Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells (DFAFCs). In this paper, we explore the behavior of palladium-basedExpand
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