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N-Doped Bi2O2CO3/Graphene Quantum Dot Composite Photocatalyst: Enhanced Visible-Light Photocatalytic NO Oxidation and In Situ DRIFTS Studies
In the present work, we have synthesized N-doped Bi2O2CO3/graphene quantum dots composite (N-BOC/GQDs) under ambient environment for the first time. The as-prepared samples show notable improvementExpand
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Extraction induced by emulsion breaking as a tool for simultaneous multi-element determination in used lubricating oils by ICP-MS
This paper reports, for the first time, rapid simultaneous multi-element determination of Mg, Cr, Ni, Cu and Pb in used lubricating oils after their extraction/preconcentration from samples using theExpand
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N/P-Codoped Thermally Reduced Graphene for High-Performance Supercapacitor Applications
Graphene relative materials for supercapacitors have incurred intense interest due to their high electrical and thermal conductivity, large surface area, and good chemical stability. N/P-codopedExpand
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Sustainable synthesis of phosphorus- and nitrogen-co-doped porous carbons with tunable surface properties for supercapacitors
Abstract We report a simple yet efficient method to synthesize phosphorus- and nitrogen-co-doped glucose-derived microporous carbons with a simple inorganic salt (ammonium phosphate) as the singleExpand
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Oxygen vacancies induced exciton dissociation of flexible BiOCl nanosheets for effective photocatalytic CO2 conversion
Layered bismuth oxychloride (BOC) exhibits highly efficient activity for photocatalytic environmental remediation due to the confinement effect induced excitonic photocatalytic process. However, theExpand
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Lightweight carbon foam from coal liquefaction residue with broad-band microwave absorbing capability
Abstract A three-dimensional (3D) structure carbon foam for microwave absorption is synthesized by a facile template method using coal liquefaction residue (CLR) as carbon source. The results haveExpand
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Sensitive immunoassay for the β-agonist ractopamine based on glassy carbon electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a film of poly-arginine
AbstractWe are presenting an electrochemical immunosensor for the determination of the β-agonist and food additive ractopamine. A glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was modified with gold nanoparticlesExpand
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A novel electrochemiluminescence immunosensor based on Mn doped Ag2S quantum dots probe for laminin detection
Abstract In recent years, quantum dots (QDs) have been widely used as biological probes, however, most of the QDs used in electrochemiluminescence (ECL) studies have toxic heavy metals, which was anExpand
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Hydrothermal biomimetic modification of microarc oxidized magnesium alloy for enhanced corrosion resistance and deposition behaviors in SBF
Abstract Bioactive composite coatings with a microarc oxidation (MAO) bottom layer and a biomimetic top hydrothermal layer were developed on an AZ31B magnesium alloy by combined MAO and hydrothermalExpand
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Chainmail co-catalyst of NiO shell-encapsulated Ni for improving photocatalytic CO2 reduction over g-C3N4
Nickel element cannot exist stably on its own, but with an bared of an NiO shell, nickel element can realize desirable stable existence. Herein, Ni2+ was photoreduced to Ni particles and deposited onExpand
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