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Amphisamytha (Annelida: Ampharetidae) from Indian Ocean hydrothermal vents: Biogeographic implications
Abstract Deep-sea polychaetes in the genus Amphisamytha are well known from numerous hydrothermal vents and hydrocarbon seeps in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Records from the Indian Ocean,Expand
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The mechanism of soil failures along cracks subjected to water infiltration
Abstract A field irrigation test was conducted at a crack-developed loess slope in Heifangtai, China, to study the slope instability that was caused by water infiltration. In the field test, theExpand
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Nearest vent, dearest friend: biodiversity of Tiancheng vent field reveals cross-ridge similarities in the Indian Ocean
Biodiversity of hydrothermal vents in the Indian Ocean, particularly those on the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR), are still relatively poorly understood. The Tiancheng field on the SWIR was initiallyExpand
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Branchinotogluma bipapillata n. sp., a new branchiate scale worm (Annelida: Polynoidae) from two hydrothermal fields on the Southwest Indian Ridge.
A new species of Branchinotogluma, found at two hydrothermal vent fields on Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge, is described herein. It can be distinguished from its congeners by the small acicular lobe onExpand
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Morphology and molecular phylogeny of two new species in genus Freyastera (Asteroidea: Brisingida: Freyellidae), with a revised key to close species and ecological remarks
Abstract Freyastera (Downey, 1986) is a derived group of deep-sea starfish in the order Brisingida with 6 arms and slender ambulacral plates, whose taxonomy and phylogeny have rarely beenExpand
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First report of Osedax in the Indian Ocean indicative of trans-oceanic dispersal through the Southern Ocean
Three specimens of the bone-eating worms, Osedax rubiplumus Rouse, Goffredi & Vrijenhoek, 2004, were collected from pig bones deployed in the periphery of Longqi vent field on the Southwest IndianExpand
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A new Bifidocoelotes species, with the description of the male of B. primus from Hong Kong, China (Agelenidae: Coelotinae).
Both sexes of two Bifidocoelotes species, Bifidocoelotes obscurus sp. nov. and B. primus (Fox, 1937), were collected in Hong Kong, China. The male of B. primus was previously unknown. DescriptionsExpand
Molecular phylogenetic and morphological analyses of the ‘monospecific’ Hesiolyra (Annelida: Hesionidae) reveal two new species
Abstract Although many deep-sea species are considered to have transoceanic distribution, this assumption has rarely been critically tested. Using Hesiolyra (Hesionidae) as a case study, we showedExpand
A new sponge-associated starfish, Astrolirus patricki sp. nov. (Asteroidea: Brisingida: Brisingidae), from the northwestern Pacific seamounts
Seamounts are important deep ocean entities that serve as reservoirs for varied types of habitats and fauna. During the Chinese cruises in the northwestern Pacific seamount areas, a new starfishExpand
Influence of different preparation methods on the activity of Ce and Mo co-doped ZSM-5 catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3
The Ce-doped different MoO3 [conventional molybdenum oxide (con-MoO3) or nano molybdenum oxide (nano-MoO3) and synthetic molybdenum oxide (syn-MoO3)] modification of ZSM-5 catalyst synthesized byExpand