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A Comparative Study of Reading Strategies Used by Chinese English Majors
In this thesis, by means of questionnaire, we made an investigation into the reading strategies used by Chinese first-year and third-year English majors. The purpose of this study attempts to
Book review: Amy Jo Murray and Kevin Durrheim (eds), Qualitative Studies of Silence: The Unsaid as Social Action
power, mainly due to its dynamic examination of interlocutors’ communication in certain cognitive and social–cultural contexts rather than a static study of the text per se. The volume expands the
Analysis of Ecological Classroom Teaching of Senior High School English Under the Background of Two Tests of One Year in Foreign Language NCEE
The policy that “two tests of one year in Foreign language college entrance examination” requires English classroom teaching of taking “promoting the healthy growth of students' as the starting point
The Effectiveness of Barrage Use in Audio-visual Class of College English
Barrage can be applied to teaching audio-visual courses because of its own features and its close connectivity with network teaching. This study provides an empirical study on the effectiveness of
Active and Nomadic Subjective: Connotation of John Fiske’s “the Popular”
As a representative figure of the late period of Birmingham School‟s Cultural Studies, John Fiske has opened up a new perspective of cultural studies in the context of the America‟s consumer culture
William Blake: A Special "Poetic Dweller" in British Painting World
As an early English Romantic painter and poet, William Blake’s paintings broke the rational confinement because of the use of unlimited imagination. And also his paintings were unique compared with
A Brief Account of American Eco-criticism--Origin, Development Course and Reflection
Beginning in the 70s and 80s of the last century, American eco-criticism is the product of increasingly serious environmental crisis. It comes into researchers’ view with various titles such as green
The Connotation , Theoretical Predicaments and Outlets of EcoFeminism
Eco-feminism has created an independent subject by the close combination of environmental history and women’s history. Devoting to construct a polynary, holistic and correlated world view,
Analysis of “ Desire ” and “ Humanism ” in Christopher Marlowe ’ s Tragedies
Christopher Marlowe was the most significant playwright in Great Britain before Shakespeare and he has been titled as “the Farther of English Tragedy”. His special achievements lies in his