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Vein "Beltization" Technique Facilitates Venous Anastomoses for Laparoscopic Orthotopic Kidney Transplantation in a Pig Model.
The renal vein beltization technique may facilitate laparoscopic pig venous anastomotic procedures and ensures the quality of reconstruction in LOKT. Expand
Non-scarring patchy alopecia in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus differs from that of alopecia areata
Distinct clinical, dermatoscopic and histopathological features were found in SLE-associated alopecia regions, which were different from those of AA, which indicates local angiotelectasis and vasculitis close to hair follicles may be involved in the pathogenesis of alopECia in Sle. Expand
Time-Dependent Oxidative Stress Responses of Crucian Carp (Carassius auratus) to Intraperitoneal Injection of Extracted Microcystins
Zigzag changes in oxidative enzymes in liver of crucian carp after intraperitoneally injection with extracted microcystins contributed a better understanding on oxidative stress caused by microcyStins in fish. Expand
Clinical characteristics and therapy exploration of active human cytomegalovirus infection in 105 lupus patients
Induction therapy using ganciclovir with a duration of 14∼21 days is not sufficient, and continued HCMV-pp65 positivity may require prolonged antiviral treatment in lupus patients, so hematocytopenia, fever and liver dysfunction should remind us to consider H CMV infection. Expand
Severe diffuse non‐scarring hair loss in systemic lupus erythematosus – clinical and histopathological analysis of four cases
  • Y. Gong, Y. Ye, +5 authors X. Zhang
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology…
  • 1 May 2013
This work has shown that diffuse non‐scarring hair loss is found common in systemic lupus erythematosus but study that conduted on the severe type has been scarce. Expand
Contraction force measurements in cardiac myocytes using PDMS pillar arrays
  • Y. Zhao, Xin Zhang
  • Materials Science
  • 18th IEEE International Conference on Micro…
  • 5 July 2005
This paper presents contraction force measurement in isolated myocytes using a replicated PDMS pillar array. The spring constant of the subjected pillar was determined based on SEM inspection. TheExpand
Clinical features and outcome of neuropsychiatric lupus in Chinese: analysis of 240 hospitalized patients
Multifactor analysis revealed that high SLICC/ACR-DI scores and sets of concurrent NP symptoms were independently associated with poor outcome, whereas pulse IVMP and IT injection of MTX plus DXM were protective factors against poor outcome. Expand
Regulation of p21 by TWIST2 contributes to its tumor-suppressor function in human acute myeloid leukemia
A novel TWist2-p21 axis that modulates the cell cycle of both normal and leukemic cells is identified and it is demonstrated that the direct regulation of p21 by TWIST2 has a role in its tumor-suppressor function in AML. Expand
Intrathecal injection with methotrexate plus dexamethasone in the treatment of central nervous system involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus.
I.t. with MTX plus DXM is a promising method for treating CNS lupus and deserves further investigation. Expand
Reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction and western blotting analysis for detection of p63 isoforms in uterine cervical cancers
β isoform, possibly of ΔNp63, may be considered as an important isoform in uterine cervical squamous cell carcinogenesis, and β isoform expression with or without α isoform was only found in cancer cell lines and neoplastic tissues. Expand