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The solvation dynamics at millisecond scale of Pd(II)-meso-tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphine in solid imidazolium-sulfonate-based ionic liquids.
  • Y. Zhao, L. Liu, W. Jin
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and…
  • 1 August 2013
The phosphorescence behavior and solvation dynamics of Pd(II)-meso-tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphine (Pd-TCPP) in three imidazolium ionic liquids (ILs) has been studied and apparently blue-shifts with increasing time are seen.
Easily-soluble heteroacene bis(benzothieno)silole derivatives for sensing of nitro explosives
Three new heteropentacene derivatives based on bis(benzothieno)silole were synthesized. The XRD characterization reveals that the crystal structures of the heteropentacenes can be significantly
Constructing multi-cluster copper(i) halides using conformationally flexible ligands.
Three unprecedented multi-cluster copper(i) halides (MCCHs) have been assembled using conformationally flexible ligands, which opens a new way for the construction of multi-Cu(i)-cluster complexes.
Investigation on the effect of water on the spectroscopic behaviors of TPPS in acidic imidazolium-based ionic liquids
The effect of water on the spectroscopic behaviors of meso-tetrakis-(4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin (TPPS) in acidic 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate (BMIMBF4) and
The solvation dynamics and rotational relaxation of protonated meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin in imidazolium-based ionic liquids measured with a streak camera
For the steady-state behavior of diprotonated tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin (H4TPPS2-) in five imidazolium ionic liquids (ILs), the absorption positions of H4TPPS2- primarily depend on the
Tunable dual-emission luminescence from Cu(i)-cluster-based MOFs for multi-stimuli responsive materials
By tuning the reaction solvents, two 3D luminescent MOFs based on Cu3I3S clusters, {[Cu3I3(TPSA)]·DEF}n (1) and {[Cu3I3(TPSA)]·DMF}n (2), have been obtained by utilization of a conformationally
Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Food and Cosmetic, Using the Purge and Trap Injector Coupled to a Gas Chromatograph with Photo Ionization Detector
A method was developed to analyze volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in food, beverages and cosmetic samples. VOCs were isolated from a standard solution or samples using a purge-and-trap (PT) system
Excited-state solvation dynamics of meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin in solid imidazolium-sulfonate-based ionic liquids
The steady-state absorption and fluorescence emission positions of diprotonated meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin (H4TPPS2−) are dependent on the polarity of the selected two solid ionic
A red-emissive 3D framework with the coexistence of copper-iodide clusters and rings as a luminescent ratiometric thermometer
Abstract A 3D MOF with the coexistence of two kinds of copper-iodide motifs: vertex-missing-cubane Cu3I3S clusters and crown-shaped eight-numbered Cu4I4 rings, was successfully constructed by