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Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks
  • Y. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Communications
  • 19 May 2008
In this paper, we propose and analyze new dynamic spectrum access schemes in the absence or presence of buffering mechanism for the cognitive secondary subscriber (SU). Expand
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Is History Repeating Itself?
This study compares urban renewal in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s with inner-city redevelopment in China since the late 1980s. It finds that both programs use government authority andExpand
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Alternative Water Resources for Rural Residential Development in Western Australia
Rainwater collected from residential roofs and greywater generated from domestic uses except toilets are viewed as possible substitutes for high grade water sources which supply nonpotable indoorExpand
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The Spatial Relationship of Tourist Distribution in Chinese Cities
Abstract This study investigates the spatial dependence and mechanisms of international and domestic tourist distributions in 299 cities in mainland China through a set of Geographical InformationExpand
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Do educational facilities affect housing price? An empirical study in Hangzhou, China
Abstract Using data on housing prices and educational facilities of 660 communities in Hangzhou, China, this study develops hedonic price models to quantitatively evaluate the effect of variousExpand
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Plan and market mismatch: Urban redevelopment in Beijing during a period of transition
: With the emergence of the real estate market since 1990, the operation Beijing's economy has led to a re-shaping of its inner city. By reviewing the Old and Dilapidated Housing Redevelopment (ODHR)Expand
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Understanding and controlling airborne organic compounds in the indoor environment: mass transfer analysis and applications.
Mass transfer is key to understanding and controlling indoor airborne organic chemical contaminants (e.g., VVOCs, VOCs, and SVOCs). In this study, we first introduce the fundamentals of mass transferExpand
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Regional differences in the factors that influence China’s energy-related carbon emissions, and potential mitigation strategies
Energy-related carbon emissions in China have increased significantly. To mitigate these emissions, it is necessary to estimate the trends (increase or decrease) and the magnitudes of the influencesExpand
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MDA Based Design Patterns Modeling and Model Transformation: MDA Based Design Patterns Modeling and Model Transformation
A motivation of MDA (model driven architecture) is to use models as programs so as to increase the abstract level of software development. Expand
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Wireless World Initiative New Radio II (WINNER II)
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