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Isolation, structural elucidation, MS profiling, and evaluation of triglyceride accumulation inhibitory effects of benzophenone C-glucosides from leaves of Mangifera indica L.
Seventy percent ethanol-water extract from the leaves of Mangifera indica L. (Anacardiaceae) was found to show an inhibitory effect on triglyceride (TG) accumulation in 3T3-L1 cells. From the activeExpand
Effect of microalgae supplementation on the silage quality and anaerobic digestion performance of Manyflower silvergrass.
The silage quality of Manyflower silvergrass with microalgae supplementation was investigated, and the variation in bacterial communities during ensilage period was analyzed by high-throughputExpand
LC/MS/MS for identification of in vivo and in vitro metabolites of jatrorrhizine.
The in vivo and in vitro metabolism of jatrorrhizine has been investigated using a specific and sensitive LC/MS/MS method and all the results were reported for the first time, except for some of the metabolites in rat urine. Expand
SARD: Towards Scale-Aware Rotated Object Detection in Aerial Imagery
A novel feature fusion module is proposed, which takes full advantage of high-level semantic information and low-level high resolution feature and is more suitable for detecting objects with a large difference in scale. Expand
Focal middle cerebral artery ischemia in rats via a transfemoral approach using a custom designed microwire
A reliable and repeatable MCAo method allowing for precise occlusion of the MCA under direct fluoroscopic visualization without alteration of the cerebral hemodynamics associated with ECA ligation is developed in rats. Expand
Inhibition Effect of Sodium Concentrations on the Anaerobic Digestion Performance of Sargassum Species
The effect of variable sodium concentrations on the anaerobic digestion performance of Sargassum sp. was investigated, and the variation in bacterial and archaeal communities was analyzed byExpand
Molecularly imprinted polymer coated solid-phase microextraction fiber prepared by surface reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization for monitoring of Sudan dyes in chilli
The MIP-coated SPME-LC-MS/MS method was tested for the monitoring of ultra trace Sudan dyes in spiked chilli tomato sauce and chilli pepper samples, and high enrichment effect, remarkable matrix peaks-removing capability, and consequent high sensitivities were achieved to four Sudan dye. Expand
Quality evaluation and species differentiation of Rhizoma coptidis by using proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
The proposed qNMR method was demonstrated to be a powerful tool for quantifying the six alkaloids due to its unique advantages of high robustness, rapid analysis time and no need of standard compounds for calibration curves preparation. Expand
Design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of N-(4-mono and 4,5-disubstituted thiazol-2-yl)-2-aryl-3-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-4-yl)propanamides as glucokinase activators.
Results indicated that compound R-9k is a potent orally active GK activator, and is warranted for further investigation as a new anti-diabetic treatment. Expand
An insight into the retrogradation behaviors and molecular structures of lotus seed starch-hydrocolloid blends.
Overall, the changes in the interaction force, ordered structure, Mw, leached amylose and microstructure were related to retrogradation behaviors of LS-hydrocolloid blends following an autoclave treatment. Expand