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Urban‐Rural Literacy Gaps in Sub‐Saharan Africa: The Roles of Socioeconomic Status and School Quality
  • Y. Zhang
  • Sociology
  • Comparative Education Review
  • 1 November 2006
During the 1990s, sub-Saharan African countries experienced notable progress in universalizing primary education. Despite this progress, the region as a whole is far from attaining Education for AllExpand
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Newcomers' future work selves, perceived supervisor support, and proactive socialization in Chinese organizations
Based on self-determination theory, we examined how new employees’ (newcomers) future work selves and perceived level of supervisor support influence newcomers’ proactive socialization in theExpand
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The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation on the Relationship between Developmental Feedback and Employee Job Performance
Although previous researchers have paid significant attention to the effect of feedback on employee behavioral outcomes, few have specifically examined the influence of developmental feedback onExpand
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The Threshold Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Trade Volume: Evidence from G-7 Countries
Abstract This paper uses a threshold model to examine a possible threshold effect in the impact of exchange rate volatility on trade volume for the bilateral trade volumes between the US and otherExpand
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The Theoretical Construction of a Dynamic Assessment Mode in Chinese Tertiary EFL Writing Class with Online Teaching and Scoring Systems
Based on Vygotsky’s (1989) sociocultural theory of mind, and with reference to the theories of dynamic assessment, three constructional principles for writing assessment were proposed in light ofExpand
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Genetic Algorithms for Optimal Design of Vehicle Suspensions
This paper completes the interface between GAs and the ADAMS (Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems) software, and presents an improved genetic algorithm for the optimal design of vehicle suspensions. Expand
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Thinking and practice of accelerating transformation of traditional Chinese medicine from experience medicine to evidence-based medicine
The gradual development of Chinese medicine is based on constant accumulation and summary of experience in clinical practice, but without the benefit of undergoing the experimental medicine stage.Expand
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New locus reveals the genetic architecture of sex reversal in the Chinese tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis)
Sex reversal in insects, amphibians, reptiles, and fishes is a complicated and interesting biological phenomenon. Sex reversal changes the sex ratio of populations and may complicate breedingExpand
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Evaluation and optimization of a conventional SPCE for FMD post-vaccination monitoring
BackgroundFoot-and-mouth disease (FMD) can be controlled by either stamping out or vaccination, a choice which depends on both the economic importance of the livestock sector as well as the diseaseExpand
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