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Exoplanet orbital eccentricities derived from LAMOST–Kepler analysis
The eccentricity distributions of an unprecedented large and homogeneous sample of 698 Kepler planets are derived and a dichotomy in eccentricities is discovered: the systems with single transiting planets, which make up half of the sample, have a large mean eccentricity, whereas the multiples are on nearly circular orbits. Expand
The Milky Way's rotation curve out to 100 kpc and its constraint on the Galactic mass distribution
The rotation curve (RC) of the Milky Way out to $\sim$ 100 kpc has been constructed using $\sim$ 16,000 primary red clump giants (PRCGs) in the outer disk selected from the LSS-GAC and theExpand
Gradual unlocking of plate boundary controlled initiation of the 2014 Iquique earthquake
It is shown that the Iquique earthquake broke a central fraction of the so-called northern Chile seismic gap, the last major segment of the South American plate boundary that had not ruptured in the past century, and the remaining locked segments now pose a significant, increased seismic hazard with the potential to host an earthquake with a magnitude of >8.5. Expand
Mixed aromatic–aliphatic organic nanoparticles as carriers of unidentified infrared emission features
An analysis of archival spectroscopic observations shows that the data are most consistent with the carriers of unidentified infrared emission features being amorphous organic solids with a mixed aromatic–aliphatic structure, similar to that of the organic materials found in meteorites. Expand
On the Metallicities of Kepler Stars
We use 12,000 stars from the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) spectroscopic survey data to show that the metallicities of Kepler field stars as given in the KeplerExpand
Determination of the local standard of rest using the LSS-GAC DR1
We re-estimate the peculiar velocity of the Sun with respect to the local standard of rest using a sample of local stars within 600 pc of the Sun, selected from the LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of theExpand
Label Transfer from APOGEE to LAMOST: Precise Stellar Parameters for 450,000 LAMOST Giants
In this era of large-scale stellar spectroscopic surveys, measurements of stellar attributes ("labels," i.e. parameters and abundances) must be made precise and consistent across surveys. Here, weExpand
Beating the superparamagnetic limit with exchange bias
It is shown that magnetic exchange coupling induced at the interface between ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic systems can provide an extra source of anisotropy, leading to magnetization stability. Expand
Singular Boundary Value Problems on a Half-Line
Singular boundary value problems of nonlinear second-order differential equations on a half-line are considered. The main methods used are modified upper and lower solution techniques. Necessary andExpand
LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anticentre (LSS-GAC): the second release of value-added catalogues
We present the second release of value-added catalogues of the LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic Anticentre (LSS-GAC DR2). The catalogues present values of radial velocity $V_{\rm r}$,Expand