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Visualization of membrane protein domains by cryo-electron microscopy of dengue virus
Improved technology for reconstructing cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) images has now made it possible to determine secondary structural features of membrane proteins in enveloped viruses. TheExpand
Structures of immature flavivirus particles
Structures of prM‐containing dengue and yellow fever virus particles were determined to 16 and 25 Å resolution, respectively, by cryoelectron microscopy and image reconstruction techniques. TheExpand
Malic enzyme: the controlling activity for lipid production? Overexpression of malic enzyme in Mucor circinelloides leads to a 2.5-fold increase in lipid accumulation.
Malic enzyme (ME; NADP(+)-dependent; EC 1 . 1 . 1 . 40) has been postulated to be the rate-limiting step for fatty acid biosynthesis in oleaginous fungi in which the extent of lipid accumulation isExpand
Flexible DNA bending in HU–DNA cocrystal structures
HU and IHF are members of a family of prokaryotic proteins that interact with the DNA minor groove in a sequence‐specific (IHF) or non‐specific (HU) manner to induce and/or stabilize DNA bending. HUExpand
The inflammation‐associated Salmonella SopA is a HECT‐like E3 ubiquitin ligase
Salmonella translocate a group of type III effectors into the host cells to induce entry, promote survival and cause intestinal inflammation. Although the biochemical and cellular mechanisms of howExpand
Recognition and Ubiquitination of Salmonella Type III Effector SopA by a Ubiquitin E3 Ligase, HsRMA1*
Salmonella translocate bacterial effectors into host cells to confer bacterial entry and survival. It is not known how the host cells cope with the influx of these effectors. We report here that theExpand
Multi-gene phylogeny and morphotaxonomy of Amniculicola lignicola: a novel freshwater fungus from France and its relationships to the Pleosporales.
A collection of submerged wood samples in the Pyrénées, France, led to the discovery of a new freshwater Dothideomycetes genus. Amniculicola lignicola gen sp. nov, is described and illustrated. InExpand
Structural and Virological Studies of the Stages of Virus Replication That Are Affected by Antirhinovirus Compounds
ABSTRACT Pleconaril is a broad-spectrum antirhinovirus and antienterovirus compound that binds into a hydrophobic pocket within viral protein 1, stabilizing the capsid and resulting in the inhibitionExpand
Multiple isoforms of malic enzyme in the oleaginous fungus, Mortierella alpina.
Malic enzyme (ME; E.C. is the only enzyme that can provide NADPH for fatty acid biosynthesis in oleaginous micro-organisms. However, it can simultaneously fulfil other roles and may thusExpand
Fly with the flock: immersive solutions for animal movement visualization and analytics
We investigate the requirements and benefits of a wide range of immersive environments for explorative visualization and analytics of 3D movement data, in particular regarding design considerations for such 3D immersive environments, and present prototypes for IA solutions. Expand