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Subgoals as substitutes or complements: the role of goal accessibility.
The self-regulation process often involves breaking an ongoing goal (e.g., keeping in shape) into many individual, constituent subgoals that monitor actual actions (e.g., eating healthy meals, goingExpand
The dilution model: how additional goals undermine the perceived instrumentality of a shared path.
Six experiments tested a dilution model of self-regulation, whereby increasing the number of goals (e.g., building muscles and losing weight) that a single means (e.g., exercising) can satisfyExpand
Together or apart: when goals and temptations complement versus compete.
  • A. Fishbach, Y. Zhang
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 April 2008
This research examined how the presentation of items related to goals and temptations influences the dynamic of self-regulation, as reflected in evaluation and choice. The authors found that whenExpand
Expatriate Development for Cross-Cultural Adjustment
Important cultural differences create the need for expatriates who are culturally intelligent. This article presents and explores a framework of expatriates’ cross-cultural adjustment to advanceExpand
The dynamics of self-regulation
Research on the dynamics of self-regulation addresses situations in which people select goal-directed actions with respect to other existing or still missing actions towards accomplishing that goal.Expand
How Power States Influence Consumers’ Perceptions of Price Unfairness
The present research explores how the power state interacts with comparative references in shaping consumer perceptions of price unfairness. Five experiments found that high-power consumers perceiveExpand
Financialisation and the Conceptual Framework
The ongoing neoliberalisation of global economies has been well documented. Neoliberalism requires a commitment to a broad set of ideas about how political economies should operate, and these ideasExpand
Financial restatements and Sarbanes–Oxley: Impact on Canadian firm governance and management turnover
Canadian firms have different roots (e.g., more concentrated ownership and smaller size) than U.S. firms and Canadian regulatory enforcement follows a different route (principle- versus rule-based)Expand
Scenario analysis on CO2 emissions reduction potential in China's electricity sector
Abstract With the approach of the year 2012, a new round of international negotiations has energized the entire climate change community. With this, analyses on sector-based emissions reduction andExpand
Been There, Done That: The Impact of Effort Investment on Goal Value and Consumer Motivation
In the present article, we propose that consumers’ initial effort investment in pursuing a goal may increase or decrease the value of the goal and the consumer’s subsequent motivation, depending onExpand