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Classification of Whole Mammogram and Tomosynthesis Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
It is demonstrated that CNN-based models built and optimized utilizing transfer learning and data augmentation have good potential for automatic breast cancer detection based on the mammograms and tomosynthesis data. Expand
The impacts of land conversion and management measures on the grassland net primary productivity over the Loess Plateau, Northern China.
Overall, ecological restoration programs have effectively increased grassland NPP in the Loess Plateau, and human activities played both positive and negative impacts in this process. Expand
Methuselah‐like genes affect development, stress resistance, lifespan and reproduction in Tribolium castaneum
Methuselah (Mth) is associated with lifespan, stress resistance and reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster, but Mth is not present in nondrosophiline insects. A number of methuselah‐likes (mthls)Expand
Cloning and characterization of a bZIP transcription factor gene in wheat and its expression in response to stripe rust pathogen infection and abiotic stresses
The results suggested that the transcription factor encoded by the TabZIP1 gene may be involved in stress tolerance and defense response to stripe rust pathogen infection through the ET/MeJA-dependent signal transduction pathways. Expand
Armet is an effector protein mediating aphid‐plant interactions
Aphid saliva is predicted to contain proteins that modulate plant defenses and facilitate feeding and Armet, a well‐characterized bifunctional protein in mammalian systems, is detected as an effector protein mediating aphid‐plant interactions. Expand
Physiological and transcriptional responses of Catalpa bungei to drought stress under sufficient- and deficient-nitrogen conditions
Although N uptake was decreased under drought, N-use efficiency and transcription of most genes encoding N metabolism enzymes were elevated, demonstrating that active N metabolism positively contributed drought resistance and growth of C. bungei under sufficient-N conditions. Expand
Deciphering the protective role of spermidine against saline-alkaline stress at physiological and proteomic levels in tomato.
Proteomics analysis coupled with bioinformatics indicated that Spd treatment helps tomato seedlings combat saline-alkaline stress by modulating the defense mechanism of plants and activating cellular detoxification, which protect plants from oxidative damage induced by saline-alksaline stress. Expand
Cloning and Characterization of a Pathogenesis-Related Protein Gene TaPR10 from Wheat Induced by Stripe Rust Pathogen
Results suggest that TaPR10 may participate in wheat defense response of APR to stripe rust, and that PR proteins of class 10 was conserved among the 4 plant species with about 80% similarity. Expand
Point mutations in acetylcholinesterase 1 associated with chlorpyrifos resistance in the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens Stål
The target‐site insensitivity was supported by the key property differences of crude AChEs between R9 and S9, and Piperonyl butoxide and triphenyl phosphate synergized chlorpyrifos in R9 less than three‐fold, indicating other important mechanisms for high resistance. Expand
Genome-wide analysis in Hevea brasiliensis laticifers revealed species-specific post-transcriptional regulations of several redox-related genes
This paper sets out to identify the 407 genes of the thirty main redox-related gene families harboured by the Hevea genome, and reports the first report on a mutation in the miR398 binding site of the cytosolic CuZnSOD. Expand