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Atmospheric emissions of methyl isothiocyanate and chloropicrin following soil fumigation and surface containment treatment in bare-root forest nurseries
Methylisothiocyanate (MITC) and chloropicrin (CP) are alternatives to methyl bromide for soil fumigation. However, surface transport of MITC emission has been cited as the cause for seedling damageExpand
Novel efficient particle swarm optimization algorithms for solving QoS‐demanded bag‐of‐tasks scheduling problems with profit maximization on hybrid clouds
  • Y. Zhang, J. Sun
  • Computer Science
  • Concurr. Comput. Pract. Exp.
  • 24 August 2017
An efficient particle swarm optimization algorithm (EPSO) and three hybrid ones ( HEPSO1‐HEPSO3), in which task sequences are considered as solutions, and a mapping operator (BBMO) is developed to map particles to solutions and a quick task dispatching method containing an acceleration method is designed to calculate solutions' objectives. Expand
An Heuristic for Bag-of-Tasks Scheduling Problems with Resource Demands and Budget Constraints to Minimize Makespan on Hybrid Clouds
This work proposes an effective heuristic (EH), which uses a Longest Task First method (LTF) to generate a task sequence and a Task Assignment method (TA) is established to schedule all tasks in the obtained sequence one by one. Expand
Application Modes, Architecture and Challenges for Cloud Educational System
This paper first analyzes possible application modes for CES(cloud educational system): Centralized, Distributed and Hybrid, then proposes general architecture for CES, and various challenges and viable solutions are discussed. Expand
Modélisation et simulation numérique robuste de l’endommagement ductile
Cette these a pour objectif de developper une modelisation robuste pour l’endommagement ductile. En raison de l’adoucissement et du niveau de deformation eleve, les principales difficultes pratiquesExpand
Micro/Nano Technologies for High-Density Retinal Implant
This review mainly focuses on the considerations of the high-feedthrough encapsulation of implantable biomedical components to prolong working life, and fMEAs for different implant sites to deliver electrical stimulation to targeted retinal neuron cells. Expand
The effects of Al and Ba on the colour performance of chromic oxide green pigment
On the basis of the novel hydrogen reduction of chromite ore, in activated sintering method was devised to prepare chromic oxide green pigment. Using XRD, SEM, EDX, ICP-AES, UV and reflectanceExpand
Polar-coded modulation based on the amplitude phase shift keying constellations
It is found that the polarization effect of the APSK constellations is affected by the bit mapping and the bit loading, and the multilevel coded modulation polar-APSK (MLCM-PA) scheme is proposed to further improve the performance. Expand