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The efficiency of pooling mRNA in microarray experiments.
In a microarray experiment, messenger RNA samples are oftentimes pooled across subjects out of necessity, or in an effort to reduce the effect of biological variation. A basic problem in suchExpand
Photosynthetic and cytological recovery on remoistening Syntrichia caninervis Mitt., a desiccation-tolerant moss from Northwestern China
Syntrichia caninervis Mitt. is the dominant species in the moss crusts of the Gurbantunggut Desert, Northwestern China. We experimented with this species under controlled environmental conditions.Expand
Speeding up a single-molecule DNA device with a simple catalyst.
Recently, several groups have designed and synthesized single-molecule devices based on DNA that can switch between different configurations in response to sequential addition of fuel DNA strands.Expand
New Method for Moisture Content Measurement Using Phase Shifts at Two Microwave Frequencies
  • S. Okarnura, Y. Zhang
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • The Journal of microwave power and…
  • 1 January 2000
A new method to measure moisture content of material is described in this paper. The method is based on two phase shifts of transmitted microwave signal at two different frequencies. The result usingExpand
Structural motifs of pre-nucleation clusters.
Structural motifs of pre-nucleation clusters prepared in single, optically levitated supersaturated aqueous aerosol microparticles containing CaBr2 as a model system are reported. Cluster formationExpand
Pressure gradient estimation for two-phase gas/liquid flow in a vertical pipe using CFD
The objective of this study is to predict the pressure gradient for gas-liquid bubbly flow along a vertical pipeline by using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) numerical simulation. The CFDExpand