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Achieving convergence, causality preservation, and intention preservation in real-time cooperative editing systems
Real-time cooperative editing systems allow multiple users to view and edit the same text/graphic/image/multimedia document at the same time for multiple sites connected by communication networks.Expand
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Statistical Database
A statistical database is a database used for statistical analysis purposes. It is an OLAP (online analytical processing), instead of OLTP (online transaction. Whats new? Help us improve thisExpand
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LSDX: A New Labelling Scheme for Dynamically Updating XML Data
In order to facilitate query processing for XML data, several path indexing, labelling and numbering scheme have been proposed. However, if XML data need to be updated frequently, most of theseExpand
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Web Service Composition with Case-Based Reasoning
To run a smart E-Business or provide efficient Web service, a web services composition model is needed. Web services composition refers to the process of collaborating the heterogeneous web services.Expand
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Weighted Visibility Graph With Complex Network Features in the Detection of Epilepsy
Epilepsy detection from electrical characteristics of EEG signals obtained from the brain of undergone subject is a challenge task for both research and neurologist due to the non-stationary andExpand
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Real-Time Cooperative Editing on the Internet
New research and a prototype implementation solve some fundamental problems in distributed, real-time, cooperative editing in the Internet environment. The REDUCE system's strategies include a novelExpand
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A flexible payment scheme and its role-based access control
This work proposes a practical payment protocol with scalable anonymity for Internet purchases, and analyzes its role-based access control (RBAC). The protocol uses electronic cash for paymentExpand
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Modeling dual role preferences for trust-aware recommendation
Unlike in general recommendation scenarios where a user has only a single role, users in trust rating network, e.g. Epinions, are associated with two different roles simultaneously: as a truster andExpand
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A smart web service based on the context of things
Combining the Semantic Web and the Ubiquitous Web, Web 3.0 is for things. The Semantic Web enables human knowledge to be machine-readable and the Ubiquitous Web allows Web services to serve anyExpand
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Mixing-controlled biodegradation in a toluene plume--results from two-dimensional laboratory experiments.
Various abiotic and biotic processes such as sorption, dilution, and degradation are known to affect the fate of organic contaminants, such as petroleum hydrocarbons in saturated porous media.Expand
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