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Genetic structure and diversity of a newly invasive species, the codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in China
Cydia pomonella (L.) was firstly reported in China in the 1950s and considered as one of the most serious invasive pest in fruit orchards of China. It spread rapidly from the original site inExpand
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Development,Reliability and Validity of Child-Neglect Scale
Objective To develop a child neglect scale with Chinese culture background to assess the status of the neglected children in China, and examine the reliability and validity of the child-neglect scaleExpand
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One-step synthesis of chiral carbon quantum dots and their enantioselective recognition
Chiral carbon quantum dots (L-carbon quantum dots, L-CQDs; and D-carbon quantum dots, D-CQDs) were synthesized through the facile hydrothermal treatment of carbonated citric acid and L-cysteine (orExpand
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Novel evidence for within-species leaf economics spectrum at multiple spatial scales
Leaf economics spectrum (LES), characterizing covariation among a suite of leaf traits relevant to carbon and nutrient economics, has been examined largely among species but hardly within species. InExpand
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On the conservation biology of a Chinese population of the birdwing Troides aeacus (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
This study deals with the habitat requirements and (meta)population ecology of the Birdwing Butterfly Troides aeacus in the Xiaolongshan forest area and the Baishuijiang Natural Reserve of GansuExpand
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A butterfly hotspot in western China, its environmental threats and conservation
A butterfly species inventory of the Bifeng Valley within the Baishuijiang Natural Reserve in Gansu Province in China was conducted and several aspects of biodiversity were analyzed in aExpand
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Plant Clonal Integration Mediates the Horizontal Redistribution of Soil Resources, Benefiting Neighboring Plants
Resources such as water taken up by plants can be released into soils through hydraulic redistribution and can also be translocated by clonal integration within a plant clonal network. WeExpand
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Intraspecific N and P stoichiometry of Phragmites australis: geographic patterns and variation among climatic regions
Geographic patterns in leaf stoichiometry reflect plant adaptations to environments. Leaf stoichiometry variations along environmental gradients have been extensively studied among terrestrialExpand
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The bionomics, habitat requirements and population threats of the butterfly Bhutanitis thaidina in Taibai Mountain
Bhutanitis thaidina Blanchard is a rare and endangered species in China. Based on 2 years of field surveys in the town of Houzhenzi on the south slope of Taibai Mountain, this paper presentsExpand
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Distributional patterns and possible origins of the tribes and genera of Coelidiinae (Homoptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae)
Leafhoppers are well known biological indicators of zoogeographical regions owing, in part, to their phytodependency, high host plant specificity and relatively low vagility. In this connection, weExpand
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