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Molecular Diversity of Phytoplasmas Associated with Grapevine Yellows Disease in North-Eastern Italy.
A 3-year survey was conducted in Northern Italy to verify the presence and diversity of phytoplasmas in selected vineyards showing symptoms of severe yellows. Symptomatic and asymptomatic grapevinesExpand
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Development and evaluation of different complex media for phytoplasma isolation and growth.
The focus of this research was the development and evaluation of different complex liquid and solid media for the isolation and growth of phytoplasma strains infecting grapevine plants. PreviouslyExpand
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Multigene characterization of aster yellows phytoplasmas infecting grapevine in South Africa
The genetic diversity of aster yellows phytoplasmas in grapevine collected in two locations in South Africa (Vredendal and Robertson) was investigated by the use of multilocus analysis of geneExpand
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Plasma activated water to enhance plant defenses
Plasma activated water is produced treating sterile distilled water by means of an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge. Tomato plants, belonging to different cultivars andExpand
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Acqua attivata al plasma per gestione e difesa ecosostenibili delle colture
Al giorno d'oggi una delle principali sfide e quella di muoversi verso un'agricoltura eco-sostenibile, in grado di preservare la produzione alimentare attraverso un uso limitato di sostanze chimiche.Expand