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Minimizing the power consumption of a clapper-type dc electromagnet in intermittent operation
A technique for designing a clapper-type dc electromagnet with its power consumption being minimized is proposed. The technique is based on the experimentally obtained load characteristics and
Creation of a DC forced armor electromagnet supplied by a circuit with a ballast resistor and minimized with respect to the mass of active materials
Weight, dimensional, and power parameters mainly determine the characteristics of electrical equipment. For electromagnetic switching equipment, a substantial improvement in these indices can be
A Design of a Minimized Shell-Type Plunger Constant-Voltage Electromagnet
Reducing the weight of the materials used in the creation of electromagnetic devices and decreasing the overall size of the latter greatly increases the attractiveness of low-voltage switchgear such
The immature stages of the leaf-beetle genus Dactylispa (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) from Vietnam
Morphological descriptions of the immature stages of five previously unknown Vietnamese species of the genus Dactylispa are given. Some biological and ecological aspects are revealed. The
Trigger low-voltage devices electromechanical apparatus
Based on the analysis of the existing classification of low-voltage electromechanical devices, it was proposed, on the basis of the functions performed, to unite into the group of electromagnetic
State and distribution of atoms in GeXrinX (X = S, SE) from K-spectral emission data
The authors study the chemical shifts and x-ray emission lines of Ge, Se, and In in order to quantify the mutual effect of atoms present in the lattice of a glass, particularly their effective
On Calculation of Forces in a Contact Device with Electromagnetic Compensation
Compensators of the repulsive electrodynamic forces of electrical contacts provide stable operation of automatic switches during the flow of short-circuit currents. This paper presents a contact