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Polypyrrole/carbon black composite as a novel oxygen reduction catalyst for microbial fuel cells
Abstract A polypyrrole/carbon black (Ppy/C) composite has been employed as an electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in an air-cathode microbial fuel cell (MFC). The electrocatalyticExpand
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Synthesis, characterization of mono, di and tri alkyl surfactant intercalated Wyoming montmorillonite for the removal of phenol from aqueous systems.
Organoclays were synthesized by the ion exchange of cationic surfactants containing single, double and triple alkyl chains for sodium ions in an aqueous suspension of Wyoming Na-montmorillonite. TheExpand
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Polyaniline/carbon black composite-supported iron phthalocyanine as an oxygen reduction catalyst for
Abstract Polyaniline/carbon black (PANI/C) composite-supported iron phthalocyanine (FePc) (PANI/C/FePc) has been investigated as a catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in an air–cathodeExpand
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Direct uptake of electrode electrons for autotrophic denitrification by Thiobacillus denitrificans
Abstract In this work, we reported that Thiobacillus denitrificans could utilize poised electrodes directly as sole electron donors for autotrophic denitrification in bioelectrochemical systems. AExpand
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Applications of biochar in redox-mediated reactions.
Biochar is chemically more reduced and reactive than the original feedstock biomass. Graphite regions, functional groups, and redox-active metals in biochar contribute to its redox characteristics.Expand
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In situ formation of graphene layers on graphite surfaces for efficient anodes of microbial fuel cells.
Graphene can be used to improve the performance of the anode in a microbial fuel cell (MFC) due to its good biocompatibility, high electrical conductivity and large surface area. However, theExpand
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Biochar as Electron Acceptor for Microbial Extracellular Respiration
ABSTRACT Biochar is a charred carbonaceous material that has recently been identified to provide many potential environmental and agricultural applications. Biochar amendments are shown toExpand
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Tectonic Evolution and Geological Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Marine Mesozoic–Paleozoic Strata in the South Yellow Sea Basin
The South Yellow Sea Basin is the main body of the lower Yangtze area in which marine Mesozoic–Paleozoic strata are widely distributed. The latest geophysical data were used to overcome theExpand
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Molecular weight-dependent electron transfer capacities of dissolved organic matter derived from sewage sludge compost
PurposeDissolved organic matter (DOM) has been shown to be an efficient electron transfer facilitator in biogeochemical reactions due to its ability to mediate redox reactions. It has been known thatExpand
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Electrochemical and microbial community responses of electrochemically active biofilms to copper ions in bioelectrochemical systems.
Heavy metals play an important role in the conductivity of solution, power generation and activity of microorganisms in bioelectrochemical systems (BESs). However, effect of heavy metal on theExpand
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