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Noninvasive Fetal Trisomy (NIFTY) test: an advanced noninvasive prenatal diagnosis methodology for fetal autosomal and sex chromosomal aneuploidies
BackgroundConventional prenatal screening tests, such as maternal serum tests and ultrasound scan, have limited resolution and accuracy.MethodsWe developed an advanced noninvasive prenatal diagnosisExpand
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Effects of Maternal and Fetal Characteristics on Cell-Free Fetal DNA Fraction in Maternal Plasma
Objective: To study factors that influence the concentration of cell-free fetal DNA (fetal fraction) using a large clinical data set of pregnancies with male fetus. Method: A retrospective analysisExpand
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A comprehensive assessment of Next‐Generation Sequencing variants validation using a secondary technology
We addressed a comprehensive and extensive assessment of NGS variants validation, which incorporated two NGS platforms, two validation methodologies, five targeted capture panels, 5,190 samples, 1,045 genes, and 7,601 variants. Expand
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Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in twin pregnancies with treatment of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in a single center
The objective of the study is to report the performance of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in twin pregnancies after the treatment of assisted reproductive technology (ART).
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Human testicular protein NYD-SP16 is involved in sperm capacitation and the acrosome reaction.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the functional role of human testicular protein NYD-SP16. DESIGN Controlled experimental study. SETTING University research laboratory. ANIMAL(S) ICR strain of mice. Expand
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Identifying occult maternal malignancies from 1.93 million pregnant women undergoing noninvasive prenatal screening tests
PurposeMultiple chromosomal aneuploidies may be associated with maternal malignancies and can cause failure of noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS) tests. However, multiple chromosomal aneuploidiesExpand
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Molecular cloning, characterization and expression profiles of a SoxB2 gene related to gonadal development in mud crab (Scylla paramamosain)
ABSTRACT The molecular mechanisms underlying sex differentiation and gonad development remain elusive in crustaceans. Here, we report the cloning and characterization of a Sry-related high-mobilityExpand
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Cultural evolution and spatial-temporal distribution of archaeological sites from 9.5–2.3 ka BP in the Yan-Liao region, China
  • Y. Yuan
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  • Journal of Geographical Sciences
  • 20 March 2019
With basic information from 8353 archaeological sites, this study describes a holistic spatial-temporal distribution pattern of archaeological sites of the prehistoric culture sequence from 9.5 ka BPExpand
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GABA/progesterone-induced polyphosphoinositide (PPI) breakdown and its role in the acrosome reaction of guinea pig spermatozoain vitro
To investigate whether GABA/progesterone (P4) stimulates PPI breakdown and its role in the acrosome reaction (AR), spermatozoa of guinea pig were preincubated in MCM-LCa2+ for 5.5 h and then labeledExpand
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Genome-wide detection of additional fetal chromosomal abnormalities by cell-free DNA testing of 15,626 consecutive pregnant women
Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing for common fetal trisomies (T21, T18, T13) is highly effective. However, the usefulness of cfDNA testing in detecting other chromosomal abnormalities is unclear. WeExpand
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