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Diamond sensors durable for continuously monitoring intense vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Photoconducting sensors are fabricated using radiation-hard diamond films to measure the intensity of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation. They are composed of a pair of interdigitated Pt electrodesExpand
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Cathodoluminescence and electroluminescence of undoped and boron-doped diamond formed by plasma chemical vapor deposition
Visible luminescence between 2.0–3.5 eV of undoped and boron‐doped diamond formed by plasma‐assisted chemical vapor deposition has been investigated by cathodoluminescence. Electroluminescence fromExpand
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Boron-doped diamond thin film sensor for detection of various semiconductor manufacturing gases
Abstract Gas sensing characteristics of B-doped polycrystalline diamond thin films were examined, especially for detection of various toxic gases used in semiconductor manufacturing process. It wasExpand
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Fibrous structures on diamond and carbon surfaces formed by hydrogen plasma under direct-current bias and field electron-emission properties
Polycrystalline diamond films, single crystal bulk diamonds, and diamond powder were treated in microwave plasma of hydrogen at 1.6 torr under a negative direct-current bias of -150 to -300 V withoutExpand
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Characteristics of metal-polycrystalline diamond contact field emitters
Abstract Electron emission characteristics have been investigated for polycrystalline diamond films. When the surface of the diamond films deposited on Si substrates and the rear face on whichExpand
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Oxygen diffusion into diamond induced by hydrogen microwave plasma
Diffusion of oxygen atoms into diamond can be introduced by CrO3 treatment followed by an exposure to a hydrogen plasma. From characterization using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, it isExpand
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Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 thin films on diamond
Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of aluminum oxide thin films on diamond was demonstrated for the first time, and the film properties as a gate insulator for diamond field effect transistor (FET) wereExpand
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Selective nucleation and growth of diamond particles by plasma‐assisted chemical vapor deposition
Diamond particles have been selectively synthesized on a SiO2 dot‐patterned Si substrate using plasma‐assisted chemical vapor deposition (plasma CVD). Nucleation densities on both Si and SiO2 haveExpand
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Intrinsic and extrinsic recombination radiation from undoped and boron‐doped diamonds formed by plasma chemical vapor deposition
In small particles of chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond and polycrystalline thin films composed of the particles, the recombination radiation of free excitons and bound excitons associated withExpand
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