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Heat and light stresses affect metabolite production in the fruit body of the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps militaris
The results presented herein provide a new strategy for the production of a superior quality fruit body of C. militaris and contribute to further elucidation of the effects of abiotic stress on metabolite accumulation in fungi. Expand
Human Antimicrobial Peptide LL-37
LL-37 is a multifunctional modulator of innate immune responses and might have the therapeutic potential for the treatment of bacterial infection and immunocompromise. Expand
Relationship between Accumulation of Na~+ in Leaves and Salt Tolerance of Different Populus Genotypes
Plant growth and changes of Na+ and K+ concentrations in leaves,stems or roots were investigated in 1-year-old cuttings from receptor poplar '107'(Populus×euramericana 'Neva') and transgenic poplarExpand
Preliminary Study on Yellow Dwarf of Corn infected by BYDV
It had been manifested that corn was readily infected by wheat BYDV The symptoms were similar to those of the wheat The most effective veetor aphid species was R. padi, while M. avena, S. graminnmExpand
Optimization of deproteinized process from Echinops latifolius Tausch polysaccharide by response surface methodology
Objective : To select deproteinization- technology of Echinops latifolius Tausch polysaccharides. Methods:These different ways to removing protein from polysaccharides in Echinops latifolius TauschExpand
Culturing identification and drug sensitivity test of fungus isolated from college students with tinea pedis
Different fungi show varying sensitivity to the same drug, which is significant for the selection of sensitive drugs and monitoring of drug-resistant strains. Expand
hTERT Core Promoter Modified by E-boxes Element and Transcriptional Activity Assay in vitro
The effective clinical application of human telomerase promoter (hTERT promoter) in tumor gene therapy is limited by insufficient tumor-targeting transcription activity at -34 E-box of its coreExpand
Studies on RAPD polymorphisms and genetic relationship of Prunus persica plants
RAPD technique was used to analyze the genetic polymorphisms of 4 species and showed that P ferganensis origined from P persica possibly, and this was basically identical with the results of morphology, isozyme and karyotype analysis. Expand
Purification potentials of different soils with different depths to landfill leachate.
Soil with different textures including clay soil and loamy soil were used to attenuate leachate from Jiyuan Landfill in Jiaozuo City,Henan Province,for the purpose to study the purification effect ofExpand
Acid-catalyzed Hydrolysis of Hesperidin
To provide a method for preparing two hesperidin hydrolysates,namely hesperetin-7-glucoside and hesperetin,acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of hesperidin in an alkaline organic solvent system was exploredExpand