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Advances in Studies of Species, Habitats Distribution and Chemical Composition of Snow Lotuses (Saussurea) in China
This paper has sorted out the species, habitats distribution and chemical composition of snow lotuses and reviewed the research recently developed in chemical composition of Saussurea involucrataExpand
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SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Dating,Geochemistry and Genesis of Early Cretaceous Basic Dykes from the Dabie Orogen
This paper aims to constrain the starting time of Early Cretaceous large-scale extensional and mantle properties in Dabie orogen.The SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating results reveal the Yinshafan gabbro dykeExpand
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A new model for classified prediction of rockburst and its application
In order to investigate the prediction of rockburst, using the concept of matter element and dependent function, the classified prediction model of rockburst is established on the basis of some mainExpand
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Distributional Characteristics of Urban Thermal Space and Relations with Land Use/Cover of Nanjing
How to analyze distributional characteristics of urban thermal space and its quantificational relations with land use/cover is one of the difficult problems.Many methods can be used to study theExpand
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Purification potentials of different soils with different depths to landfill leachate.
Soil with different textures including clay soil and loamy soil were used to attenuate leachate from Jiyuan Landfill in Jiaozuo City,Henan Province,for the purpose to study the purification effect ofExpand
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Extraction of Plain Lake Water Body Based on TM Imagery
In this paper,using Landsat TM imagery,the single-band threshold method and multi-band threshold method are compared in extracting Hongze Lake water body.Then the best integrated water bodyExpand
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Zero-valence iron process treatment of landfill leachate
A zero-valence iron physicochemical treatment technology using scrap iron chips was developed to treat bioreactor landfill leachate.Tests show that the pH,reaction time,and the quantity of iron chipsExpand
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Reproduction rhythm of captive forest musk deer ( Moschus berezovskii ) at the Maerkang Musk Deer Farm : parturition timing and synchrony
This study was conducted in 2013 from March to October, at the Maerkang Musk Deer Farm (MMDF), Sichuan Province. The birth dates of 178 captive Forest musk deer were recorded and analyzed toExpand
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Evaluation of economic benefit for river basin flood control system
With the river basin flood control system taken as an integral, a method for evaluation of the economic benefit of the flood control system was proposed by contrasting of the flood loss of the yearExpand
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