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Cortical and subcortical vestibular response to caloric stimulation detected by functional magnetic resonance imaging.
The posterior insula, central sulcus, and inferior parietal lobule including the intraparietal sulcus have been considered the vestibular cortex based on functional brain mapping in humans as well asExpand
Simple maneuver for closing traumatic eardrum perforation by micropore strip tape patching.
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a simple and reliable method to close traumatic tympanic membrane ruptures. Traumatic eardrum perforations without ossicular discontinuity were treated byExpand
Treatment of Ménière's disease with isosorbide.
It is widely accepted that endolymphatic hydrops is a common pathological feature of Meniere’s disease. Therefore, at present, the most logical and effective medical treatment for this ailment isExpand
Antibodies against inner-ear proteins in the sera of patients with inner-ear diseases.
Sera from patients with various inner-ear diseases, especially Ménière's disease, were investigated by Western blot against guinea pig inner-ear proteins. Of 45 patients, 24 (53%) with variousExpand
Detection of Viral DNA in the Endolymphatic Sac in Ménière’s Disease by in situ Hybridization
The main purpose of this study is to search for a viral etiology in Ménière’s disease by examining the presence or absence of herpes family virus DNA in the endolymphatic sac (ES) using the in situExpand
Bilateral Endolymphatic Hydrops in Meniere's Disease: Review of Temporal Bone Autopsies
The wide range in incidence rates reported for bilateral Meniere's disease results mainly from the lack of established clinical criteria for bilaterality, and from follow-ups of varying duration. InExpand
Regulation of inner ear fluid in the rat by vasopressin.
The anti-diuretic hormone vasopressin has been shown to be important in regulating inner ear fluid. The diuretic hormone, CNP, and its receptor, ANP-B receptor, may also function in the regulation ofExpand
Epidemiological study of severe cases of Meniére's disease in Japan.
In order to clarify the characteristics of severe cases of Meniére's disease (MD), we analyzed various epidemiological factors such as sex ratio, past history, complication, cause of onset ofExpand
[Epidemic study of pet allergy in Wakayama Prefecture].
In Japan, the number of households who have pets has gradually increased, together with the number of people who have pet allergies. Many reports exist on pollen and mite allergy, but few on petExpand