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A striatal-enriched intronic GPCR modulates huntingtin levels and toxicity
Huntington's disease (HD) represents an important model for neurodegenerative disorders and proteinopathies. It is mainly caused by cytotoxicity of the mutant huntingtin protein (Htt) with anExpand
Suppression of MAPK11 or HIPK3 reduces mutant Huntingtin levels in Huntington's disease models
Most neurodegenerative disorders are associated with accumulation of disease-relevant proteins. Among them, Huntington disease (HD) is of particular interest because of its monogenetic nature. HD isExpand
Context-Aware Natural Integration of Advertisement Object
We propose a novel hierarchical framework with conditional generative adversarial network to add advertisement object in an arbitrary scene image. Expand
TR-FRET Assays for Endogenous Huntingtin Protein Level in Mouse Cells.
High-throughput measurement of huntingtin (Htt) levels is useful for Huntington's disease research. For example, identification of genetic or chemical modifiers that reduce Htt levels byExpand
Multi-path Routing Based QoS-aware Fairness Backhaul-Access Scheduling in mmWave UDN
We propose a concurrent transmission based heuristic algorithm, which is called QoS (i.e., quality of service) -aware fairness scheduling (QFS). Expand
Watermarking Neural Networks with Watermarked Images
Watermarking neural networks is a quite important means to protect the intellectual property (IP) of neural networks. In this paper, we introduce a novel digital watermarking framework suitable forExpand
Winter Hibernation and UCHL1-p34cdc2 Association in Toad Oocyte Maturation Competence
Currently, it is believed that toad oocyte maturation is dependent on the physiological conditions of winter hibernation. Previous antibody-blocking experiments have demonstrated that toad ubiquitinExpand
A Novel Location Privacy Protection Algorithm for Social Discovery Application
We propose a new distance obfuscation method to defend the location inference attack. Expand
Coloring based access-Backhaul scheduling in ultra dense networks with flexible duplex
This paper manages the scheduling issues of in-band wireless backhaul in UDN by jointly considering the effect of access-backhaul link constraint, the interference and the minimum user data rate requirement. Expand