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A Spatial Econometric Approach to Model Spillover Effects in Tourism Flows
The main purpose of this research is to investigate and estimate the spillover effects in inbound and domestic tourism flows to 341 cities in mainland China. In conjunction with this, the keyExpand
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How do hotels choose their location? Evidence from hotels in Beijing
Abstract This study aims to investigate potential factors contributing to the hotel location choice by an ordered logit model incorporating both hotel and location characteristics. The resultsExpand
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Spatial Distribution of Tourist Flows to China's Cities
Abstract This paper investigates the spatial distribution of inbound and domestic tourist flows to cities in China and their growth rates using exploratory spatial data analysis. This method is a setExpand
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Wealth, Warmth, and Well-Being: Whether Happiness is Relative or Absolute Depends on Whether it is about Money, Acquisition, or Consumption
A central question in consumer and happiness research is whether happiness depends on absolute or relative levels of wealth and consumption. To address this question, the authors evaluate a finerExpand
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Determinants of Length of Stay for Domestic Tourists: Case Study of Yixing
The length of stay of a tourist is one of the most important factors indicating consumption levels and revenue generation for certain tourist destinations. This study employs data from a touristExpand
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Lay Rationalism: Individual Differences in using Reason versus Feelings to Guide Decisions
People have a lay notion of rationality—that is, the notion of using reason rather than feelings to guide decisions. Yet people differ in the degree to which they actually base their decisions onExpand
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Understanding Guest Satisfaction with Urban Hotel Location
In this article, we unveil determinants of guest satisfaction with urban hotel locations and disclose what types of locations are preferred by guests. Using data from 8,185 online reviews of 220 LosExpand
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How Africans Pursue Low-End Globalization in Hong Kong and Mainland China
This article looks at the livelihoods and lives of African traders coming to Hong Kong and Guangzhou. These traders are practising “low-end globalization”, involving small amounts of capital, andExpand
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The influence of cultural distance on China inbound tourism flows: a panel data gravity model approach
This study focuses on the analysis of the determinants of China inbound tourism flows and seeks to determine the influence of cultural distance on tourism flows from a macro perspective. Three modelsExpand
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