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General Parameterized Time-Frequency Transform
Several potential kernels are provided and discussed in this paper to develop the desired parameterized time - frequency transforms and the desirable properties and the dual definition in the frequency domain of GPTF transform are described. Expand
Spline-Kernelled Chirplet Transform for the Analysis of Signals With Time-Varying Frequency and Its Application
A novel time-frequency transform, called spline-kernelled chirplet transform (SCT), is proposed, which is particularly powerful for the strongly nonlinear frequency-modulated signals. Expand
Automatic seal identification using fluency function approximation and relaxation matching method
An automatic seal identification method using a relative relation among segments of the seal impression is proposed. Features of a seal impression image are extracted by fluency functionExpand
Impact of cyber-security issues on Smart Grid
Cyber attacks and countermeasures which are critical for reliable Smart Grid operation are described and a preliminary study case is given which demonstrates the impact of a cyber attack which violates the integrity of data on the load management of real power system. Expand
3-D Container Packing Heuristics
This paper studies the 3-D container packing problem, which is divided into box selection, space selection, box orientation and new space generation sub-problems, and develops two augmenting heuristics to deal with these categories. Expand
On the Crosscorrelation of Sequences with the Decimation Factor
  • Z. Hu, X. Li, +5 authors Z. Zhang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication…
  • 1 July 2001
An upper bound for the probability of the crosscorrelation function achieving the maximum absolute value is given for p = 3. Expand
Facial expression recognition and tracking for intelligent human-robot interaction
An unsupervised learning algorithm, distributed locally linear embedding (DLLE), is introduced to recover the inherent properties of scattered data lying on a manifold embedded in high-dimensional input facial images to separate different expressions successfully. Expand
New quaternary sequences of even length with optimal auto-correlation
Using interleaving method, several classes of component sequences from twin-prime sequences pairs or GMW sequences pairs given by Tang and Ding in 2010 are presented; or two, three or four binary sequences defined by cyclotomic classes of order 4. Expand
Hand Gesture Recognition and Tracking based on Distributed Locally Linear Embedding
An unsupervised learning algorithm, distributed locally linear embedding (DLLE), is proposed to discover the intrinsic structure of the data, such as neighborhood relationships and global distributions, and these discovered properties are used to compute their corresponding low-dimensional embedding. Expand
Content-Based 3-D Model Retrieval: A Survey