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Incoherent method for rotation-invariant recognition.
An optodigital hybrid system using an incoherent circular correlator that has features suitable for space and industrial applications is introduced. Expand
Feeding pure docosahexaenoate or arachidonate decreases plasma triacylglycerol secretion in rats
Essential fatty acid (EFA)-deficient rats were fed highly purified methyl esters of docosahexaenoate (22∶6n−3), arachidonate (20∶4n−6), alpha-linolenate (18∶3n−3) or oleate (18∶1n−9) (100 mg/day,Expand
Digital multiple correlation for pattern recognition.
A method of digital multiple correlation for rotation-invariant recognition has been developed. Expand
On a multinet wiring problem
A multinet wiring problem is proposed. This problem has application in the routing of interconnection wires on integrated circuit chips and printed circuit boards. Optimal and suboptimal algorithms,Expand