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Climatic cycles inferred from the aminostratigraphy and aminochronology of Quaternary dunes and palaeosols from the eastern islands of the Canary Archipelago
Aminochronological and aminostratigraphical methods have been used to study the Quaternary aeolian deposits from the islands located east of the Canary Archipelago (Fuerteventura and Lanzarote
Anthropogenic effect recorded in the live-dead compositional fidelity of land snail assemblages from San Salvador Island, Bahamas
  • Y. Yanes
  • Environmental Science
    Biodiversity and Conservation
  • 7 October 2012
Findings are consistent with previous live-dead fidelity studies of marine molluscan and terrestrial small-mammal assemblages, and suggest that the taxonomic discordance between live and dead assemblage of land snails may be indicative of recent anthropogenic alteration.
Testing limiting similarity in Quaternary terrestrial gastropods
The results suggest that limiting similarity is a transient ecological phenomenon rather than a long-term evolutionary process and presents a more adequate research protocol to test the importance of interspecific competition in the history of life.