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Polymers from triglyceride oils
Abstract Recently, the use of renewable sources in the preparation of various industrial materials has been revitalized because of the environmental concerns. Natural oils are considered to be theExpand
Photoinitiated Polymerization: Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities
The use of photoinitiated polymerization is continuously growing in industry as reflected by the large number of applications in not only conventional areas such as coatings, inks, and adhesives butExpand
Influence of Type of Initiation on Thiol–Ene “Click” Chemistry
Thermally and photochemically initiated thiol-ene click reactions using thiol- and allyl- end functionalized linear polystyrenes with various enes (allyl bromide, methyl acrylate, and methylExpand
Polybenzoxazines-New high performance thermosetting resins : Synthesis and properties
Polybenzoxazine is a newly developed addition polymerized phenolic system, having a wide range of interesting features and the capability to overcome several shortcomings of conventional novolac andExpand
Diazonium-based ion-imprinted polymer/clay nanocomposite for the selective extraction of lead (II) ions in aqueous media
Abstract Ion imprinted polymer/montmorillonite clay nanocomposite (MMT/IIP) was prepared by the combination of diazonium salt chemistry and photopolymerization process, and used for the selectiveExpand
Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions for Macromolecular Syntheses.
This review paper provides a comprehensive account of the fundamentals and applications of photoinduced electron transfer reactions in polymer synthesis, including traditional photopolymerization methods, namely free radical and cationic polymerizations, and step-growth polymerizations involving electron transfer processes are included. Expand
Thermally curable benzoxazine monomer with a photodimerizable coumarin group
A new monomer, 4-methyl-9-p-tolyl-9,10-dihydrochromeno[8,7-e][1,3]oxazin-2(8H)-one, possessing both benzoxazine and coumarin rings in its structure was synthesized by the reaction ofExpand
Externally stimulated initiator systems for cationic polymerization
Abstract At present, there is growing interest in polymerizations initiated by external stimulation, such as photoirradiation, heating or high energy irradiation. Since many industrially importantExpand
Immobilization of glucose oxidase in conducting graft copolymers and determination of glucose amount in orange juices with enzyme electrodes.
The amount of glucose in orange juices of Turkey was investigated by using enzyme electrodes and maximum reaction rate, Michaelis-Menten constants, temperature, pH and operational stabilities were determined for immobilized enzyme. Expand