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Ignition of nickel in environments containing oxygen and chlorine
The mixed oxidation of nickel in gases containing both oxygen and chlorine has been investigated using the techniques of thermogravimetric analysis and examination of the corrosion products byExpand
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Dispersive full-wave finite-difference time-domain analysis of the bipolar cylindrical cloak based on the effective medium approach
A dispersive full-wave finite-difference time-domain model is used to study the performance of bipolar cylindrical invisibility cloaking devices. We have considered two different cloaking structuresExpand
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Low-loss design for the high-intensity accumulator ring of the Spallation Neutron Source
This paper summarizes the low-loss design for the Spallation Neutron Source accumulator ring [``Spallation Neutron Source Design Manual'' (unpublished)]. A hybrid lattice consisting of FODO arcs andExpand
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Beam properties in the SNS accumulator ring due to transverse phase space painting
Beam properties resulting from transverse phase space painting for the injection of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) accumulator ring are summarized. The focus is on the creation of closed orbitExpand
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Photocurrent of MOS-Si photovoltaic device enhanced by an auxiliary biasing solar cell
We demonstrate a novel concept for a MOS-structure Si photovoltaic device with an increasing in photocurrent of 12.93% based on a biasing source applied to the MOS transparent ITO-gate-electrodeExpand
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Three-level PWM amplifiers and audio processing apparatus
The invention relates to a three-level pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifier and audio processing apparatus including the same. Expand
Novel Integration of an Ultrasound Probe and a Rotational-Scanning SQUID Biosusceptometer for Diagnosing Liver Tumors
Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasonography (US), is a popular medical imaging technique for diagnosing liver tumors. However, the specificity of US in discriminating liver tumors from otherExpand