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Becoming Intercultural: An Integrative Theory of Communication and Cross-Cultural Adaptation
PART ONE: THE BACKGROUND Introduction Existing Approaches to Cross-Cultural Adaptation PART TWO: THE THEORY Organizing Principles The Process of Cross-Cultural Adaptation The Structure ofExpand
Communication and cross-cultural adaptation : an integrative theory
Part 1: contexts of cross-cultural adaptation existing approaches - review and analysis. Part 2 The theory: organizing principles and assumptions cross-cultural adaptation - axioms theorems and theExpand
Communicating With Strangers: An Approach to Intercultural Communication
Part 1 Conceptual foundations: central concepts issues and the study of intercultural communication. Part 2 Influences on the process of communicating with strangers: cultural influences onExpand
Intercultural personhood: Globalization and a way of being☆
Abstract This theoretical essay makes a case for “intercultural personhood” as a viable model for human development in today's increasingly integrated world. Critiquing the largely static,Expand
A Causal Model of Communication Patterns of Foreign Immigrants in the Process of Acculturation.
ABSTRACT Communication patterns-of foreign immigrants in the process of acculturation are conceptualized on cognitive and behavioral levels. The cognitive level is observed in the complexity of anExpand
This paper reports the theoretical development and testing of a causal model of communication patterns of foreign immigrants in the process of acculturation. Communication patterns are conceptualizedExpand
Ideology, Identity, and Intercultural Communication: An Analysis of Differing Academic Conceptions of Cultural Identity
Cultural identity is a ubiquitous concept in intercultural communication and across social science disciplines. Based on a review of a broad range of literature addressing issues of culturalExpand
Finding a “home” beyond culture: The emergence of intercultural personhood in the globalizing world
Abstract This theoretical essay presents intercultural identity development and the emerging intercultural personhood as an adaptive response to the increasing interface of differing culturalExpand
Cross-Cultural Adaptation: Current Approaches
PART ONE: CURRENT THEORY Conceptual Migrations - W Barnett Pearce and Kyung-Wha Kang Understanding `Travellers' Tales' for Cross-Cultural Adaptation The Adjustment of Sojourners - Adrian FurnhamExpand
Inquiry in Intercultural and Development Communication
The present essay deviates from the conventional grouping of development communication and international communication. Instead, it examines development communication together with intercultualExpand