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Effects of tone and focus on the formation and alignment of f0contours
  • Y. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • 1999
The present study examines how lexical tone and focus contribute to the formation and alignment of f0contour formation in short Mandarin sentences with varying tones on the middle three syllables. Expand
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Articulatory Constraints and Tonal alignment
  • Y. Xu
  • Computer Science
  • 2002
A theoretical model of F0 production that is based on the new understanding of the articulatory constraints. Expand
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Analysis of Settlement Due to Withdrawal of Groundwater Around an Unexcavated Foundation Pit
During the dry excavation of deep foundation pit, groundwater must be pumped within and/or around the pit and the seepage of groundwater forms a groundwater level depression cone around the pit.Expand
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High Sensitivity Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Based on Two-Dimensional MXene and Transition Metal Dichalcogenide: A Theoretical Study
MXene, a new class of two-dimensional nanomaterials, have drawn increasing attention as emerging materials for sensing applications. However, MXene-based surface plasmon resonance sensors remainExpand
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Optimal location of electrical energy storage unit in a power system with wind energy
With the increasing trend of wind energy in the power system, the significant impacts for system operation are got more attentions. Electrical energy storage provides a satisfied solution on peakExpand
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The Recognition of Motion Intention of Knee Joint Based on Piezoelectric Signals
Multi-sensor information fusion technique based on neural network, based on the piezoelectric signal muscle as input and output of the joint angle trajectory motion intention model, calculate the joint exercise intention and angle track. Expand
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Design of the Simulation and Assessment Software of Missile-Borne SAR Imaging System
  • Peng Zhou, Y. Xu, Yachao Li, M. Xing
  • Engineering
  • International Conference on Multimedia Technology
  • 11 November 2010
We present a simulation and assessment software of missile-borne SAR imaging system, which calculates the flight path of the missile, generates the echo data of the target, outputs the imaging result and its quality assessment. Expand
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Control Strategies of HESS for the Application of Directly Driven WTG
Wind power is the most fast growing energy source in the world while its intermittency and uncertainty generate stability, reliability and power quality problems in the electric grid. AExpand
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The Research on RIC-ISAR Image of Ship Target Based on High-Order Match-Phase Transform
In this paper, a new approach is proposed, which is based on Product High-Order Matched-Phase Transform (PHMT) to estimate the value of the changing rate of chirp rate, chirP rate, central frequency and amplitude, thus the high quality range-instantaneous chirpy ISAR image of the object can be obtained. Expand
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An Innovative Technology to Control Groundwater during Excavation over Confined Aquifer
When excavation is conducted near confined aquifers of the soft deposit of Shanghai, quicksand and piping failure may occur. To prevent the possible Geo-hazards, dewatering in aquifers is generallyExpand
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