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Mechanism of nuclear spin initiated para-H2 to ortho-H2 conversion.
A quantitative explanation for a diamagnetic ortho/para H2 conversion is given, based on the quantum-mechanical density matrix formalism originally developed by Alexander and Binsch for studies of exchange processes in NMR spectra. Expand
Rotational study of carbon monoxide solvated with helium atoms.
High resolution microwave and millimeter-wave spectra of HeN-CO clusters with N up to 10, produced in a molecular expansion, were observed, indicating an almost free rotation of CO within the helium environment. Expand
A simplified approach to the band gap correction of defect formation energies : Al, Ga, and In-doped ZnO
Abstract The calculation of defect levels in semiconductors within a density functional theory approach suffers greatly from the band gap problem. We propose a band gap correction scheme that isExpand
Coherent magnetization precession in GaMnAs induced by ultrafast optical excitation
The authors use femtosecond optical pulses to induce, control, and monitor magnetization precession in ferromagnetic Ga0.965Mn0.035As. At temperatures below ∼40K, they observe coherent oscillationsExpand
Fe/NiO(100) and Fe/MgO(100) interfaces studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and non-linear Kerr effect
Abstract A structural characterization of the Fe/NiO(100) and Fe/MgO(100) interfaces is reported. Polarization-dependent X-ray absorption spectroscopy has been employed to explore the local atomicExpand
Rotational study of carbon monoxide isotopologues in small (4)He clusters.
By extrapolating the a-type series to N = 14 (assuming a linear vibrational shift), the rotational constant, B, of CO in the helium nanodroplet is estimated to be approximately 74% of its gas phase value. Expand
Near-bandgap wavelength dependence of long-lived traveling coherent longitudinal acoustic phonons in GaSb-GaAs heterostructures
We report first studies of long-lived oscillations in optical pump-probe measurements on GaSb-GaAs heterostructures. The oscillations arise from a photogenerated coherent longitudinal acoustic phononExpand
Abnormal upconversion luminescence from Yb3+ doped and Tb3+/Yb3+ codoped high silica glasses induced by intrinsic optical bistability
Upconversion luminescence (UCL) properties from Yb3+ doped and Tb3+/Yb3+ codoped high silica glasses excited by a 980 nm laser diode are investigated. The ln–ln plots of the UCL intensity versusExpand
Long-lived coherent acoustic waves generated by femtosecond light pulses
We report on photoexcitation of coherent longitudinal acoustic phonons in single-crystal cuprate thin films on epitaxialy matched substrates. The photoinduced reflectance oscillations are unusuallyExpand
Mechanical and electronic properties of ferromagnetic Ga 1 − x Mn x As using ultrafast coherent acoustic phonons
Ultrafast two-color pump-probe measurements, involving coherent acoustic phonon (CAP) waves, have provided information simultaneously on the mechanical properties and on the electronic structure ofExpand