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Results indicated that the sea cucumbers could tolerate a wide range of salinity, and also have the ability of osmoregulation that was optimized at temperature of (15±0.5)℃, and utilized mainly carbohydrate and lipid as its energy sources. Expand
Genomic DNA Extraction and Optimization of PCR Reaction System of Apriona germari Intestinal Bacteria
The results showed that high quality genomic DNA could be obtained for PCR analyses by the modified CTAB method and several important factors including MgCl2,dNTP,random primer,Taq polymerase and template DNA were optimized through L16(45) orthogonally designed experiment. Expand
Urinary magnesium loss in aging diabetic mellitus rats.
Rapid and significant urinary Mg loss is observed in old rats made diabetic with streptozotocin, and the relationship between polyuria and polyuria is a feature of DM is correlated, and a significantly positive correlation is found. Expand
Isolation and Identification of Several Dominant Bacterial Strains from Intestine of Apriona germari Adult
The dominant bacterial strains in the intestine of healthy A.germari adult were isolated and identified and they showed negative results in Gram staining and oxidase reaction and grew well under 25~35 ℃ and pH 5.5~9.5 conditions. Expand
The effect of fresh spring water on lipid peroxidation and superoxide dismutase of silicotic rats
Objective To explore the effects of fresh spring water on lipid peroxidation (LPO)and superoxide dismutase (SOD)of silicotic rats.Methods After giving this water for eight weeks,LPO, SOD,lungExpand
Cloning and Expression Analysis of DtpsMADS1 Gene from Doritaenopsis hybrid
The results suggested that DtpsMADS1 could be involved in regulating the flowering process, not in floral morphogenesis. Expand
Study of Life-Period of Cephanodes hylas
By breeding and observing the Cephanodes hylas for three years, the authors record in detail their characteristic shaps in different stags of the life period, the duration they go through inExpand
One-step Synthesis of Thalidomide and Its Important Derivatives
Thalidomide and its derivatives have great potentials in immune therapy. This research note presented that heating the mixture of phthalic anhydride or its chloro or nitro substituted derivatives andExpand
Juglans mandshurica community structure in Nature Reserve of Mount Wuling
The species diversity of the community has negative correlation with the important value of Juglans mandshurica, but it is not remarkable; and Dioscorea nipponica has the remarkable correlation with Carex lanceolata and Agrimonia pilosa respectively in the community. Expand
Effect of Zinc Deficiency and Zinc Replenishment on the Distribution of Elements in Rats
Aim The effect of zinc deficiency and zinc replenishment on the distribution of elements in rats. Methods SD rats were randomized into zinc-deficient diet (ZD) group, pair-fed (PF) group, zinc normalExpand