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Prediction of landslide displacement with step-like behavior based on multialgorithm optimization and a support vector regression model
Landslide prediction is important for mitigating geohazards but is very challenging. In landslide evolution, displacement depends on the local geological conditions and variations in the controllingExpand
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Development of a driving simulator based eco-driving support system
This research developed an eco-driving feedback system based on a driving simulator to support eco-driving training. This support system could provide both dynamic and static feedback to improveExpand
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Automating calibration, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of complex models using the R package Flexible Modeling Environment (FME): SWAT as an example
  • Y. Wu, S. Liu
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  • Environ. Model. Softw.
  • 1 May 2012
Parameter optimization and uncertainty issues are a great challenge for the application of large environmental models like the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), which is a physically-basedExpand
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Parallelization of a hydrological model using the message passing interface
With the increasing knowledge about the natural processes, hydrological models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) are becoming larger and more complex with increasing computation time.Expand
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Development of a generic auto-calibration package for regional ecological modeling and application in the Central Plains of the United States
article i nfo Process-orientedecologicalmodels are frequentlyusedfor predicting potentialimpactsof global changes suchas climate and land-cover changes, which can be useful for policy making. It isExpand
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Optimization of a reflow soldering process based on the heating factor
Purpose – This paper aims to establish a method to optimize reflow profiles and achieve high reliability of solder joints on the basis of the heating factor, Qη, a measure of the reflow profileExpand
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GIS-based landslide hazard predicting system and its real-time test during a typhoon, Zhejiang Province, Southeast China
Abstract Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province, is located in southeast China. Statistics and previous reports have shown that 62% of study area has experienced various forms of slope instabilities,Expand
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Effect of Aggregate Degradation on Specimens Compacted by Superpave Gyratory Compactor
Aggregate degradation during gyratory compaction may cause changes in the original gradation of the aggregate, and it may also affect volumetric requirements for Superpave Level I mix design. TheExpand
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SWAT-DayCent coupler: An integration tool for simultaneous hydro-biogeochemical modeling using SWAT and DayCent
Process-based numerical models in environmental science can help understand and quantify terrestrial material cycles in nature. However, the existing models usually focus on the cycles of one or moreExpand
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Structural optimization of Ag–Pd clusters based on different potential parameterizations
Abstract The putative stable structures of bimetallic Ag–Pd clusters are investigated. Gupta potential is applied to describe the interatomic interactions in Ag–Pd clusters. Experimental-fittedExpand
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