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Influenza A (H(1)N(1)) Antiviral and Cytotoxic Agents from Ferula assa-foetida.
Two new sesquiterpene coumarins were isolated from a CHCl(3)-soluble extract of Ferula assa-foetida through bioassay-guided fractionation and showed greater potency against influenza A virus than amantadine and exhibited the best potency against HepG2, Hep3B, and MCF-7 cancer cell lines.
The Constituents of Cananga odorata
Sixteen compounds, (+)-ushinsunine-β-N-oxide (1), cleistopholine (2), liriodenine (3), (-)-anonaine (4), (+)-nornuciferine (5), (+)-N-acetylnornuciferine (6), (-)-ushinsunine (7), (-)-norushinsunine
Recent research and development of Antrodia cinnamomea.
Pristimerin induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in MDA-MB-231 cells via direct effects on mitochondria
It is suggested that pristimerin is a novel mitochondria-targeted compound and may be further evaluated as a chemotherapeutic agent for human cancer.
Cytotoxic constituents of the stem bark of Neolitsea acuminatissima.
Three new eudesmanolide sesquiterpenes, neolitacumone A-C (1-3), and one new benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, neolitacumonine (5), along with 27 known compounds were isolated from the stem bark of
New cytotoxic monotetrahydrofuran annonaceous acetogenins from Annona muricata.
These new acetogenins exhibited significant activity in in vitro cytotoxic assays against two human hepatoma cell lines, Hep G(2) and 2,2,15 and showed a high selectivity toward the Hep 2, 2,15 cell line.
Chemical constituents from the stems of Mahonia japonica
). For example, the pro-ton at 6.11 carried by the carbon atom at 85.3 was corre-lated through three bonds to the quaternary aromatic carbonsat 128.9 and 146.2 carrying the methoxyl group,
Prevention of Platelet Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Activation by 3,4-Methylenedioxy-β-Nitrostyrene, A Novel Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
A small chemical compound, 3,4-methyl-enedioxy-β-nitrostyrene (MNS), exhibited potent and broad-spectrum inhibitory effects on human platelet aggregation caused by various stimulators and may provide a new strategy for treatment of platelet-dependent thrombosis.