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Leaf protein contents and nitrogen-to-protein conversion factors for 90 plant species
The nitrogen-to-protein conversion factors based on nitrogen recovered from amino acid analyses ranged from 5·15 to 5·93, reaffirming that the traditional factor of 6·25 is not valid for plant proteins. Expand
A Study of Plant Species Extinction in Singapore: Lessons for the Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity
The patterns of extinction observed in Singapore indicate that coastal and estuarine sites are in greatest demand for development and therefore must be given high priority for conservation despite their somewhat lower biodiversity. Expand
IAA-induced apogamy in Platycerium coronarium (Koenig) Desv. gametophytes cultured in vitro
Using light microscope and confocal laser scanning microscope, it is shown that nuclear size can be used as a quick parameter to estimate the ploidy level of P. coronarium. Expand
Morphogenetic plasticity of callus reinitiated from cell suspension cultures of the fern Platycerium coronarium
The dark-green gametophytic callus showed a faster rate of growth and morphogenesis as compared to the pale-green sporophyticCallus, and the availability of cell cultures of the same ploidy level, but with two distinct pathways of development will be useful for comparative studies of developmental plasticity. Expand
Production of first and second generations aposporous gametophytes fromPyrrosia piloselloides (L.) Price frond strips cultured in vitro
Modified medium in 1% agar supplemented with sugar alcohols, auxins, and cytokinin promoted a higher percentage of aposporous development from mature fronds of Pyrrosia piloselloides derived from aseptically cultured spores as compared with those obtained from plants in the field. Expand
The behaviour of leached aluminium in tea infusions
Abstract The behavior of leached aluminium (Al) was studied using GF-AAS with different sample pretreatments and RP-HPLC with lumogallion as the precolumn reagent. The results showed that Al speciesExpand
Growth conditions of Trentepohlia odorata (Chlorophyta, Ulotrichales)
The conditions for the culture of Trentepohlia odorata (L.) Martius are described and low illumination with white light causes a change in the organism's colour from green to orange and inhibits growth. Expand
A Guide to the Ferns of Singapore